PRISON BREAK: NYC Mayor Releases Dangerous Criminals From Rikers

Written by Wes Walker on April 1, 2020

Adding insult to injury — some of the released convicts have murdered first responders.

The internet recently erupted over images of the Empire State Building being lit up to honor first responders in their heroic attempts to save lives in NYC.

That empty gesture took its share of criticism. But there’s a concurrent story that stands in sharp relief to that gesture.

What good is a token tribute of appreciation if their mayor just made an already difficult life MORE dangerous for first responders?

Who is looking out for their lives? Certainly not a mayor who is too ‘woke’ to consider the far-reaching effects of his own decisions.

In response to the Wuhan Chinese Coronavirus crisis, he has made a decision to release 650 people from Rikers prison. Among the people he has released are two murderers who have killed — you guessed it — first responders.

That all five district attorneys and the special narcotics prosecutor are ripping the plan is telling.

De Blasio says he needs to spring these inmates to stop the spread of the coronavirus in the jails. Yet the prosecutors blast him, for starters, for the “haphazard process” of choosing them. As of Sunday, the city had released about 650.

The inmates Team de Blasio sought to let out, as The Post has reported, included Jose Gonzalez, Christopher Ransom and Jagger Freeman. Gonzalez is accused of killing Bronx FDNY EMT Yadira Arroyo with her own ambulance. Ransom and Freeman are accused of taking part in a Queens robbery that led to the friendly fire death of NYPD Det. Brian Simonsen.

The mayor’s office denies the three were on the list, but an aide to Queens DA Melinda Katz (who was elected on a criminal-justice reform platform) confirmed Ransom and Freeman and other sources Gonzalez. — NYPost

The Post doesn’t even oppose the selective release of low-risk inmates in this crisis… just not *these* ones.

The guy who is releasing murderers from prison is also threatening to permanently shut down churches. Way to pick a winner, New York.