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The Democrats Rally Behind Biden–This Time It’s Elizabeth Warren Endorsing Joe

Pocahantas has endorsed Sleepy Joe for President.

The day before Super Tuesday, Joe saw Beto, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar endorse him.

Then, on March 19, Tulsi Gabbard tossed her support behind Joe.

Another flurry of Democrats are scurrying to back the presumptive Democratic nominee. On Monday it was Joe’s rival, Bernie Sanders. Yesterday, it was Barack Obama. Today, it’s Liz Warren.

It’s almost like these waves are orchestrated.

In the span of just 48 hours, Joe Biden put to rest a major question surrounding Democratic efforts to win back the White House: 2020 will not be a repeat of 2016.

One after the other, Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders threw their support behind the former vice president — with Elizabeth Warren soon to follow,according to sources familiar with the discussions.

The rapid consolidation behind Biden offered the most powerful evidence yet of the party’s intent on avoiding the deadly fractiousness that contributed to Donald Trump’s victory four years ago.

Oh, that’s because it is orchestrated.

If you don’t think that it is, check out this snazzy video endorsement that Liz just managed to publish at precisely 9 am.

That old thing? Oh, she just had those old family photos and video clips of Joe sitting around for a while and whipped up that video with transitions, a thorough script that reflected Obama’s endorsement, and captioned perfectly in no time at all.

She covered the same points as Obama did–his family history, including the tragedy he has suffered, his lifelong public servant status, his role leading the Recovery Act, and how the important thing that needs to happen is defeating Donald Trump.

The quick succession of endorsements so soon after Sanders dropped out of the race provided a rebuke to Trump’s attempts to sow discord within the party; the president has repeatedly sought to raise doubts about Obama and Sanders’ true allegiance to Biden.

The endorsements also underscored Biden’s role as a coalition builder, which Democrats intend to hold up as a major contrast to Trump.

Obama and Sanders struck similar notes in their remarks, contrasting Trump’s leadership style — which they characterized as self-serving, dictatorial and dangerous — to Biden’s, calling him compassionate and experienced.

Biden’s aides pointed to the significance of the timing of the events, noting this is the earliest that a Democratic nomination has been conclusively wrapped up since 2004.

Source: Politico

They’re afraid that Trump is going to win in 2020, and they’re determined to stop him.

Joe is a spectacularly terrible candidate. Not only is there the existence of that video clip where he said that he would withhold loan guarantees to Ukraine unless they fired the prosecutor looking into the shady dealings of the company that his son was sitting on the board of, he’s awful with voters that disagree with him, calling them names and challenging them to “step outside.” Not to mention that the man can’t seem to remember his own name, and at one point, he accidentally endorsed Trump at a campaign rally.

Trump is going to mop the floor with him in the debates. This is literally the only card that the Democrats have to play.

Getting the Bernie Bros on board with the plan should be interesting. Some of Bernie’s campaign staffers had threatened violence if he lost the nomination. I guess we’ll have to see what happens at their convention.




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