Think Socialism Is ‘Yummy’? Someone Who (Barely) Survived It Shares Her Story (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on April 26, 2020

Are those cheap foreign goods such a bargain once you factor in the blood of the people who made them? Jennifer Zeng’s testimony might have you second-guessing that practice.

The globalism at any price people have a lot to answer for — including the propping up of a regime that has enslaved and murdered countless numbers of its own citizens. Many of them forced to make the cheap trinkets that line store shelves around the planet. Yes, that includes American store shelves.

Don’t expect to hear this story on the big networks so desperate to keep those revenues from China flowing in.

This five-minute clip of Jennifer Zeng’s story will shine harsh light on the inhuman practices within China’s borders. This isn’t whispered rumors and exaggerated accounts. She’s survived their prison camps and seen it first hand.

She describes the beatings and torture. The DNA sampling for diabolical reasons she will explain herself. Being beaten into unconsiousness with electric batons.

And then… being made to work in the labor camps, making who-knows-what for international export.

Speaking in front of the U.S. Capitol, Jennifer Zeng, a China labor camp survivor, details how she and her family were captured and tortured by the Chinese Communist Party.

This is the Utopia the Left promises us. But of course ‘this’ time, it will be implemented ‘properly’… avoiding all those mistakes the ‘other’ people made.

It wasn’t very long ago, was it, that we reported on managers in the Bernie Bro camp speaking warmly of exactly the sort of gulag she is describing.

Does it look like the Chinese Communist Party were particularly interested in separating the innocents from the criminals in their purges? Or is it just another fear campaign, like every other Communist takeover of a nation before it?

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