VIRAL VIDEO: This Stuntmen In Quarantine Clip Is Corona-busting GOLD

Written by Wes Walker on April 26, 2020

Social distancing and stuntman fight scenes just don’t mix, right? Wrong. This amazing video found an insane way to bring the excitement of a free-for-all fight scene in a Corona lockdown era.

When you’re ‘nonessential’ workers and had no work to show up to even if you tried, what’s a stuntman to do to pass the time?

Musicians can bring fans into the living room and sing for them.

Actors can do all of their usual thirsty cries for attention. Or they can jump head-long into political blathering. That’s nothing new.

One Olympic swimmer even found a way to MacGyver her kitchen counter into a virtual ‘pool’ to keep her training going strong.

But there’s nothing a stuntman can do to bring their fight scenes straight to the home of the audience, is there?

They found a way.

It’s a video clip of stuntmen that works a little bit like a game of tag. They are trading punches, sort of — among other creative ways of attacking, we won’t spoil the fun.

It wasn’t just the bros having fun with this. The ladies got in on it, too.

Which one’s your favorite?