Washington Post Op-Ed Writer Is Completely Triggered By Mitch McConnell Doing His Job

Written by Wes Walker on April 9, 2020

Apparently, she doesn’t approve of the fact that Mitch is exercising his responsibility of confirming judges… in a BIG way.

We might point out that this is the same chick who championed Schiff’s draconian impeachment tactics while and mocking the House Minority leader for objecting to little things like Schiff violating House Rules, denying due process, and refusing Republicans an opportunity to call witnesses.

That was all A-OK. But Mitch McConnell acting on his Constitutional responsibility of appointing judges? That’s a bridge too far.

Could it be that she’s still butt-hurt by the fact that no matter how much she and her fellow travelers tried to deride and defame Kavanaugh (without a single corroborating witness to an accusation that would get laughed out of any court) he STILL got the appointment? Yeah, that’s probably it.

WaPo’s Alexandra Petri isn’t happy that the #Resist movement wasn’t able to leverage this Coronavirus shutdown as an excuse to throw the brakes on the Senate’s advise and consent role in Congress. Not one little bit.

You can tell she’s TRYING to be funny, or at least witty, but she sounds like a used up and bitter old crone.

Here’s the headline.

Here’s an excerpt from her bizarro-world dystopian future:

Will Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) keep confirming judges in this time of pandemic?

“We will go back to judges,” he said in an interview. “My motto for the rest of the year is leave no vacancy behind.”

The whole landscape was barren, and the fires burned everywhere. And in the smoldering remains of the Senate, Mitch McConnell sat on a throne of skulls making preparations to confirm his 8,999th judge. Mitch McConnell would leave no vacancy behind.

The people were long gone. The streets were empty, and some old scraps of burned newspaper tossed on the hot, sulfurous wind. And Mitch McConnell was still confirming judges.

The sky was a dark, angry red. The sun was not visible and had not been visible for a long time. There were no longer any rhinoceroses whatsoever. There were exactly three birds. The halls of Congress were empty except for John Quincy Adams’s ghost and one hoarse buzzard perched on a cracked torso in Statuary Hall. And Mitch McConnell was still confirming judges. —WaPo

Melodramatic much?

Gee, did Adam Schiff help you write that whiny dimestore crap?

Were you listening to a 90s emo playlist while you were writing it?

Are you trying to demonstrate ‘impotent rage’?

What exactly was going on in your head there?

On second thought, we probably don’t want to know the answer to that last question.