WATCH: German Publisher Threatened By China Shows More Moxy Than The ENTIRE MSN

Written by Wes Walker on April 20, 2020

For those of us who haven’t seen one in a while, this is what a free press is SUPPOSED to look like.

While Brian Stelter goes on TV, complaining about life being hard because he was mocked for making his pathetic display of tears (feelings) a central part of the story on his supposedly ‘Facts First’ network, an outlet in Germany — I say again, GERMANY — beclowns the Western Press by pushing back against pressure they got from their Chinese Embassy.

They were pressuring Julian Reichelt over his suggestion that since real criminal negligence and malfeasance seem to be at the root of this crisis — including on the part of the Chinese Communist Government itself — it should be reasonable that they pay a financial price for the harm they’ve caused.

He was, what’s that catchphrase they love to kick around? Oh, yeah, ‘speaking truth to power’.

The left loves to TALK about doing it, but this guy actually put his money where his mouth is.

And Reichelt put on a master class, not only refusing to bend the knee, but explicitly enumerating several of the sins the need to be held accountable.

When’s the last time OUR ‘free’ press said anything that rattled China’s chains?

Ted Cruz weighed in with high praise for him:

And a fierce rebuke to the Fake News media who’ve been much worse than simply ‘asleep at the switch’ — they’ve been regurgitating Chinese propaganda — including stories taken directly from the Chinese state-owned press. Like that one about China’s navy handling this crisis better than the US Navy.

Not bad for a 3-minute segment, eh?

Note to the Media — as long as you keep being America-hating toadies for personal agendas, foreign interests, and corrupt regimes, your credibility will continue circling the toilet.

Sooner or later, they’ll disappear completely.