WATCH: This Dad Is Doing A Kick@ss Job Teaching His Son About Economics

Written by Wes Walker on April 28, 2020

This is some straight-up epic parenting. This kid is gonna go far, and he will NOT be expecting the government to feed him handouts.

We’ve got universities churning out a dependency-minded class of servile souls working from the poisoned premise that giving away personal responsibility to the government in exchange for the belief that the government will take care of all of our problems.

Servile souls who look to Lenin’s promise of ‘Peace, Land, Bread’ as though it were the answer to the problems of the real world. A century of history, misery, starvation, tyranny, bloodshed, and enslavement of their own citizens wasn’t enough to destroy that premise in many minds.

Even confirmation of the premise by history repeating the process in places like Cuba, Cambodia, Venezuela, North Korea and — the most glaring modern example, the censorship, religious and political persecution, disinformation, and work camps in China — have not been enough to purge the poison of socialist utopianism in the minds of many.

But this kid? We would bet the farm on this kid leaving all of those bedwetters in his dust. Whatever he wants to accomplish in life, he’s almost assuredly going to go out and grab it. He’s not going to complain about ‘no jobs’. He’ll go to work for himself… and probably employ others.

This here is some grade-A parenting, dad. Life skills your kid won’t learn in school. Good on ya, sir.

Our nation, our culture, and even the financial future of high school graduates would be in much better shape if the energy spent on teaching students to be docile victims with oppression complexes were spent, instead, on how an intelligent understanding of risk and reward can put any one of us on track to become ‘the one-percenters’ the Left loves to denounce.

And once you have that money you can do whatever you want with it. Save it. Spend it. Live a lavish lifestyle. Build orphanages. Teach other people how to lift themselves out of obscurity. Do whatever you want.

That’s the beauty of success. Once it’s yours, you have the power to decide that next chapter in your life.

In a nutshell, this IS the American Dream. Instead of schools teaching us that there is no hope and no future, take a cue from this badass dad and take some responsibility for your own.

Race doesn’t even need to enter into the question of success. It has everything to do with ideas and habits. This kid is getting the foundation he needs to come out on top on both counts.

A lot of us have some downtime while the world sorts itself out. Why not give some thought to your own ‘what’s next?’ question, and take some steps in that direction.

With Congress throwing money around like confetti, we could use a few hundred reps with this level of financial literacy weighing in decisions that will have consequences not just for the crisis of the day, but for their financial impact on tomorrow as well.

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