ANARCHY: Police Precinct Burns As Mob Runs Riot In Minneapolis Streets

Written by Wes Walker on May 29, 2020

How many of these rage cases have already forgotten the name of the victim whose cause they claim to champion?

The wrongful death of George Floyd has sparked a powderkeg of outrage that is either the cause, or the cover for, a rash of rioting and destruction sweeping across the streets of Minneapolis.

The police chief has sized up the situation and police have abandoned the field.

Without any upper limit to the crowd’s potential for violence, it has spilled over into a wave of destruction… burning the precinct where the four cops in question had worked until they were fired.

What happens if this rioting destroys the very evidence that would be required for a criminal conviction?

Here’s what it looks like from the air.

This is awkward…

And what was the police chief doing while a police station was being stormed as if it were the freaking Bastille?

While important blue-check people on social media assure us that these protests are the natural bubbling up of outrage fuelled by locals who have been pushed too far by their own police, that isn’t the story we are getting from people on the ground:

Agitators have descended upon the city under the cover of the tragic and heinous death of George Floyd — that people on both sides of the spectrum agree was an absolute outrage — exploiting this event to whip up black-versus-white racial tensions and anti-authoritarian animosity.


or this…


… any way to honor the memory of Floyd and his family who have called for NOBODY to get hurt?

Running riot and burning down police stations won’t speed the investigation — what happens if it turns out they have been destroying evidence critical to proving that someone is criminally culpable for the death of George Floyd?