WTF: Minneapolis Cops Arrest Journalists On Live TV For Just Doing Their Job

Written by Wes Walker on May 29, 2020

Trump catches hell because he loves to dunk on CNN and blast them for bogus reporting, but it’s police in BLUE states that are pulling this crap.

We throw a lot of shade at CNN, because they spend so much of their energy proving to us they are the defacto AV department of the DNC.

There is a time for partisan sniping. This is NOT that time. What happened to Jimenez and his crew is wrong.

After three days of rioting and looting in Minneapolis, including the torching of a police precinct, and (ironically) the possible destruction of evidence that could have helped their case, police have shown up in force and are restoring order in the city.

The crowds have been more or less dispersed.

CNN was on location and reporting on the attempt to restore order. Credit where it was due, Omar Jimenez was on location, doing actual journalistic work of observing and reporting, proving that not everything CNN does needs to be a politicized reframing of every issue. (Show us more of that, and you just might regain the public’s trust.)

The police came up to him and told the CNN crew to move away. Jimenez identified himself as press, and respectfully asked to be given clear instructions on where he should relocate to. He was given no response.

Here is what transpired.

Not long after that, he was released.

No dice. We all saw him present his credentials. He was respectful and willing to follow your directions. We watched you remove the cameraman’s kit. Ignorance is NOT a defense here.

This reflects badly on the force, and their willingness to over-reach their lawful use of authority as a whole.

Jimenez gives an after-the-fact explanation of what happened, here:

A lot of what CNN says is hot garbage and indefensible. Zucker is a hopeless tool using the network as a cudgel to settle his own political scores.

But the First Amendment still stands. And no journalist should be arrested for just doing his job.

We leave crap like that to petty thugs like Justin Trudeau.