BAD@SS HOMBRES: 3 Bros Chase Escaped Tiger With A Rope And A Folding Chair (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on May 16, 2020

A tiger escaped (presumably) from a Zoo in Mexico. And that isn’t even the big story here. The big story is how it got captured.

A passer-by in the safety of her car caught video of three get-er-done Mexican hombres who took matters into their own hands.

All they had with them were a rope and a folding chair.

Against a tiger.

Does it even matter if it WAS a tiger accustomed to living in captivity? It was still a freaking TIGER!

It was the most surreal of Mexican moments: a man clad in cowboy hat lassoing a tiger on the sidewalk of a suburban Guadalajara street.

In a 23-second video shot from a passing car, the tiger can be seen trotting along a sidewalk, while the man with the lasso – along with another carrying a folding chair and a third man – chased the feline.

“Diós mio!” exclaimed a woman on the video, shot from the safety of a passing car.

“How are they going to catch it,” a second woman in the car asked nervously. “I don’t know,” her friend responded.

The footage shows a car pulling over in front of the tiger, blocking the sidewalk and forcing the animal to turn around. The man with the lasso then twirled it above his head and threw the rope around the tiger’s neck – just off camera – as the animal tried to dart off down the street. –Guardian

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