WATCH: Frauds In WH Press Corps Dump Masks When Cameras Stop Running

Written by Wes Walker on May 16, 2020

How do the people who are so hellbent on making sure we cower in our homes and wear masks at all times behave when the cameras stop rolling?

Exactly the way you might expect ANY hypocrite to behave.

They scold and harangue Americans all day long about the need to wear our masks lest we find a grandmother’s blood on our hands.

Their eyes are constantly watchful to spot new angles of attack, blaming Trump for the current circumstances in any they can imagine.

Yet they can spare precious little curiosity about the role that Xi’s communist party had in hiding the looming threat from public view.

When Trump or Pence is seen in public without a mask, they pillory them. So their commitment to wearing masks in public must be deep and enduring, right?

Then what are we seeing in this clip?

It isn’t looking like their commitment to masks is all that deep after all, is it?