Bro Heading To Chick-fil-A Stops And Drops Some EPIC Truthbombs On The ‘Soft Christainity’ Of Today

Written by Wes Walker on May 22, 2020

What started as a live stream video message quickly ramped up into old-time revival message calling for Christians to stop playing around and step up into the REAL life God called us to.

Marcus Rogers is a preacher, an author, a public speaker, and a number of other things.

But before he is any of those, he is first and foremost a Christian. And for someone who really takes that role seriously, it calls for living life God’s way.

If even Jesus needed a rich and vibrant prayer life to give him the strength and wisdom he needed for his daily life and ministry, how much more would those who follow him?

Or are we actually happy with the ‘soft Christianity’ that is so easily dismissed as irrelevant by the world we live in?

Practicing what he preaches, Rogers pulled over to do an unscripted live stream in response to a divine nudge to do so. He wasn’t quite sure what direction it was going to take.

It may have been ‘unscripted’ but it went straight to the heart of what really matters… and what it’s going to take for Christians to be ready to adequately respond the spiritual hunger he believes will be awakened by the crisis we’re currently in.

Check it out.

Chances are that you, like us, will be glad he did so.

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