China’s Newest Anti-US Policy Could Derail KEY Medical Research, Including COVID Vaccine

Written by Wes Walker on May 12, 2020

In case you actually needed another reason to realize that China is NOT our friend and has ZERO intention of ‘playing nice’… here you go.

While the global body count for a disease they unleashed on the world rises, they are messing with the supply chain again. The PHARMACEUTICAL supply chain.

American pharmaceutical companies based in China have been forbidden to bring their own monkeys out of the country.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is impeding United States research into COVID-19 by recently adopting a policy to deny the exportation of monkeys used for research that are essential in the development of vaccines and treatments for the disease, has learned. China’s actions come on the heels of evidence from U.S. intelligence, which suggests the communist government is mounting a series of intense hacking efforts to steal U.S. advances in coronavirus therapies and research.

The cynomolgus macaques, also known as the crab-eating macaque monkey, are owned by the American pharmaceutical companies in China but the new CCP policy is prohibiting the ability to export the monkeys outside of the country. Matthew Bailey, the president of the National Association for Biomedical Research, noted that the monkeys played a key role in new treatments for cancer, cancer drugs, research into hepatitis C, and rare diseases that affect the nervous system.

This new CCP policy has directly threatened necessary biomedical research, said Bailey, who has pleaded directly to U.S. Ambassador to China Terry Branstad, as well as directly with President Donald Trump to address the matter. Moreover, last week, Bailey put in a request for a White House meeting on the critical matter and has asked Trump to speak directly with Chinese President Xi Jinping, he said.

“Every day that goes by that a researcher goes without the resources that they need we go without a treatment or cure for COVID-19, more people are going to die,” Bailey told this reporter on Saturday. “It’s critically important that the researchers have access…We’re quickly facing a crisis if this doesn’t get fixed. When you’re in the middle of a research project you can’t switch horses midstream – this ‘cyno’ monkey has been used in many successful clinical trials for humans.”

“It’s entirely possible that this is administrative non-sense,” he said, referring to the Chinese government’s bureaucratic block on the monkeys. “But the fact that the U.S. Ambassador raised the issue with the Chinese government is concerning because nothing has changed. It raises the question whether this is administrative or stonewalling? The bigger question is why?” — SaraACarter

The monkeys already belong to US companies. They are already being used for research. And suddenly, with the stroke of a pen, they cut that research off.

It’s time the Press stops looking for ways to maximize damage on Trump and look for the real malicious intent.

Of course, with so many members of the press financially entangled with China, do any of them still remember how to be critical of their benefactor?

Courageously ‘Speaking truth to power’ is so much easier when there isn’t a price to pay, isn’t it?

That’s exactly the kind of cowardice that lets Xi continue with his various abuses — foreign and domestic.

Remember when everyone mocked Trump for saying we needed to rethink our trade arrangement with China?

After everything that’s happened since is anyone still mocking him now?