Kamala Harris Reported To Be Top Contestant In The Biden ‘Running Mate’ Pageant

Written by K. Walker on May 12, 2020

Apparently, verbally shivving your former-opponent onstage during a debate isn’t enough to burn the bridge to become the Vice Presidential candidate.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive nominee, is considering who will join him on the Democratic ticket.

Democrats, who have embraced whole-heartedly identity politics and Joe Biden has had to do the same. With the defeat of Hillary Clinton in 2016 and the rise of the Old, White Men™ in 2020, Joe has to ensure that the vocal, female demographic is appeased. He’s doing that by insisting on a female running mate. It’s a wee bit sexist, but that doesn’t matter–after all, he is a Democrat.

The race to become Biden’s running mate has already been pretty weird–between failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams’s shameless self-promotion, Pocahontas Warren’s quiet lobbying and the promise that she could ramp up her small-donation fundraising machine, and the news that Michigan’s dictator, Gretchen “No Seeds For You!” Whitmer, is also in the running, it’s all been very, very strange. Those are just a handful of the candidates. A number of names have been floated–some of them household names as well as some lesser-known entities such as Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto and the Governor of New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Grisham.

The candidates have been parading themselves trying to put their best foot forward, and–it all seems a bit…fake. And yet, familiar.

It’s a bit like the worst beauty pageant that you’ve ever seen where contestants aren’t judged on their beauty, poise, intelligence, or ability, but by what intersectional boxes they can tick off and how well they are the right complement to the candidate.

As long as there’s no swimsuit competition, I think we’re good.

If you think that this is an unfair and sexist characterization of Biden’s hunt for a running mate, well, here’s what the New York Times reported today:

It is not lost on Mr. Biden that whomever he chooses might well be elected the nation’s first female president after his turn, or at least become a new front-runner for the distinction. He has called himself a “bridge” to the next generation of Democratic leaders, a transitional figure whose chief goal is the removal of President Trump. That Mr. Biden is a 77-year-old man likely to accept the nomination during a pandemic has attached even weightier stakes to his decision.

In private encounters before this campaign, Mr. Biden has likened running-mate evaluation to deciding among calendar models, with three broad categories (and outdated honorifics): Contenders can be a “Mr. August” (a shot of momentum in the summer), a “Mr. October” (a reliable and effective campaigner for the fall) or a “Mr. January” (a governing partner, politics notwithstanding).

Source: New York Times

I see your “binders full of women” attack and raise you “calendar models with three broad categories.” At best, Joe is calling to mind the big-haired, pouty woman in Daisy Dukes and a painted-on halter-top that adorn the wall calendar in a 1980s mechanic’s shop in any Hollywood flick from that era revealing the apparent sexism of grease-monkeys. It’s all very classy stuff.

Of course, if we go by his own behavior, Biden’s categories would extend past gender and race to likely include how soft his running mate’s skin is and how great her hair smells.

At first, it was looking like Liz Warren was the clear favorite–but soon Joe was being warned by donors to not choose her. Besides, President Trump had essentially endorsed her, so that meant that Democrats would have their knee-jerk reaction to simply oppose what Trump has said.

Now, it seems that Kamala Harris has jumped to the front of the pack despite how she humiliated him on the debate stage some time ago. That’s because the right choice for an “old white man” is a “young, woman of color.”

She must feel so special knowing that it’s a quirk of genetics that has thrust her into this position rather than her ability, political acumen, or that she is indeed the most qualified for the job. Harris could be the Vice Presidential nominee simply because of her melanin production. It’as all so very progressive to judge someone by the color of their skin rather than by the content of their character.

According to POLITICO, Harris is now a serious contender. “Biden aides, surrogates, and major donors see her as the best fit” to join him at the top of the ticket. Influential donors see that her qualifications as a “woman of color” have put her way ahead of the competition according to influential Democrat donors, “the daughter of immigrants from India and Jamaica as the most logical choice to balance a ticket led by a white man in his late 70s.”

Biden and his family were stung by the June debate exchange over his record on school busing. The attack was particularly hurtful because of Harris’ bond with Biden’s late son Beau, also a one-time state attorney general.

But Biden and others close to him have come to view Harris’ debate knockdown as part of the rough and tumble of presidential campaigning.

Even before Harris ended her own campaign last year, aides said she and Biden were already stealing warm moments together. And friends of former second lady Jill Biden — who as recently as March described Harris’ attack as a “punch to the gut” — said they’ve mulled ways for her to telegraph that it wasn’t a deal breaker for the California senator’s chances, perhaps by sharing her posts on social media.

“I believe strongly that people make mistakes when they allow the heat of a political campaign and things said during a contest to define you,” Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) told POLITICO. “We’re at a point now where whoever was part of the scrimmage needs to be on the same team. And I think they are.

“Joe Biden is a big boy,” Clyburn added. “I’ve never seen Joe have any animus toward Kamala for what may have been said during the campaign.”


This is unbelievably hilarious–we’ve got a man “credibly accused” of sexual assault and a vast history of creepy, predatory behavior with women and girls, possibly choosing a woman who slept her way into politics in order to run a “moral” campaign against President Trump. How is that gonna work, exactly?

In this MeToo era, Democrats are looking like damned hypocrites for willing to toss aside their ridiculous “Believe All Women” standard that was adopted during the Kavanaugh confirmation circus in order to embrace the Title IX advocate, Joe Biden.

Kamala Harris is a very interesting choice to be Joe Biden’s running mate. She’s a preening, lecturing, political hack who couldn’t seem to gain enough traction in the Primary race to crack the single-digits in polls despite the number of intersectional boxes that she ticks and the giggly Media(D) cheering her on. Her attempts to be “cool” are just cringe-inducing, and her fake cackle is even worse.

This is the winning ticket for Democrats?

Good luck with that, Dems!



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