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CIVIL WAR: Remember, THIS Is What Silicon Valley And Some Key Bernie Bros WANTED

Move over social distancing, here comes social fracturing.

Let’s face it, the wrongful death of George Floyd has been hijacked by agitators who don’t give a damn that Floyd has explicitly denounced violent behavior like theirs. He is a man who may have made some mistakes in his younger days but had put his past behind him.

Floyd had a criminal history of his own and served a few stints behind bars for drug possession and armed robbery. But he had turned his life around. In fact, he was a model example of what it means to be rehabilitated.

…In an undated, now-viral video, Floyd pleaded with young men in the next generation to put down their guns and stop the violence.

“Our young generation is clearly lost, man,” said Floyd. “I don’t even know what to say. … It’s clearly the generation after us, man, that’s so lost.”

To the young men who go out, thinking they’re tough for carrying a gun, Floyd added: “Come on home, man. One day, it’s gonna be you and God. You’re goin’ up or you’re goin’ down, you know what I’m sayin’? That’s gonna be it. … My heart hurts.” — FaithWire

But the man who had embraced the same Gospel that energized Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King’s peaceful protests has had his tragic and needless death raised as a banner of support for a violent movement of the sort that both Georg Floyd and MLK explicitly denounced.

But social fracturing has been the stated goal of some. George Floyd’s death is nothing more than a flashpoint for a cynical means to an end.

And you might be surprised who is invested in this means to an end. Sure, there are the usual professional agitators-for-hire. But there are a lot of far more prominent figures involved.

For example, Silicon Valley. Some high-level figures have been caught openly supporting the notion of a civil war, a plan of forcing ‘blue-state’ policies on red-state people.

Past and present top-level brass from Twitter, in particular, produced and praised an article explicitly outline how red states could be forced — against their will — to flip blue. Twitter’s own CEO, ‘Jack’, called it ‘a great read’.

Our full report on that story, back in April ’18, can be found here: Leftists Want A ‘New Civil War’ – This Post Is Disturbing

An excerpt of our reporting on it:

The article used this subhead: Understanding the Context of the New American Civil War

They’re not playing around. That ‘fundamental transformation’ Obama was working on? It wasn’t just him.

This is the same ‘@Jack’ who has begun ‘fact-checking’ Trump tweets in an election year. Notably, they have done so by framing his tweet about looting as ‘encouraging violence’ at a time where we’ve already dealing with violent riots.

It seems almost like an invitation to assume the worst about Trump’s tweet and to escalate.

Trump calling rioters ‘thugs’ is a racist dog whistle, but Obama calling rioters ‘thugs’ is taking a hard stand. Or something.

Those who selectively leverage such statements for maximum outrage should not pretend they don’t know what you’re doing.

Bernie Bro Organizers Predicted And PROMISED Violence On The Streets if Bernie didn’t win

CNN was wringing their hands about their station being under attack in Georgia. Maybe if they hadn’t suppressed the Project Veritas reports where Bernie Sanders Organizers acknowledged that a significant number of them were not only harder-left than Bernie, and admirers of the Soviet regime, they were also full-throated supporters of anarcho-communists, the world would have already known about an intent to ‘walk into MSNBC studios, drag the the [mf-ers] out by .

“If Trump gets elected, f**king cities burn.” — Bernie Sanders’ Iowa Field Organizer

PROJECT VERITAS: Bernie Staffer Part III … Praising AK47s, Gulags, And Soviet Slave Labor

I wonder how many BernieBros are making good on their threat to Chuck Bricks as I write this.

‘War’ is certainly a recurring theme among Democrat activists.

They are waging a digital war of attrition, as well.

Media Matters has been working on a plan to destroy (not defeat) any dissenting voices to the Leftist message. All of the dirty tricks we’ve seen playing out on the internet and Social Media — including the ‘canceling’ of political websites was spelled out in a ‘War Plan’ white paper.

Here is a link to their step-by-step paper, published in 2017. You can see how the plans in her have had their real-life manifestations. MEDIA MATTERS WAR PLAN 2017

It’s Clinton-affiliated and both Media Matters and Share Blue (whose logos appear on the title page) are staffed by Clinton flunkies.

Prominent Democrats have offered friendly overtures toward politically violent groups.

‘The Squad’ has spoken highly of Antifa, not denouncing them when they attack federal Agents, attacking federal buildings, and even shooting into an office building… refusing to denounce them even when those clashes cost lives.

Dear AOC: FBI and ICE Officials Concerned That ‘Political Discourse’ Is Making ICE Agents Targets Of Violence

In news that surprises exactly NONE of us, Ilhan Omar’s daughter even seemed to throw her support behind the rioters. Mama must be so proud.

The Media

Our Media has deliberately mischaracterized peaceful protests on the Right (e.g. pro-2a, or end-the-lockdown protests) as violent, menacing, or even ‘terrorism’. The same media was so corrupt that one of their number stood in front of a burning police station and reported that protest as peaceful.

Hey CNN: Your Antifa Buddies Are Planning Violent Uprisings — Is That News?

The GOAL is destabilization and overwhelming law enforcement.

Are MAGA peeps to blame for the violence? The short answer is… no.

Chances are, it’s not even being whipped up by people who legitimately about George or his legacy.

Chances are this is being whipped up by people or groups whose endgame is the fracturing of society, so they can remake it in their own image.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck