Dear Christian – Don’t Blame The Devil For Your Bad Decisions

Written by Doug Giles on May 1, 2020

There’s a disease more dangerous to Christians than any Wuhan Wheezer ever was. Do you know it?

‘If only’.

If only it weren’t for that big bad Thing in your life that keeps derailing you, you’d be golden right?

If only that website. If only that ex. If only that cruddy boss. If only my slow thyroid. If only my parents. If only society. If only my credit limit. If only ‘The Man’.

If only…

We could do this all day. Many do.

And that’s what makes this trap so sinister. If you can only blame everyone else, your situation is someone else’s fault. You don’t have to take responsibility for it. That’s great… right?

Not so fast. If you don’t have responsibility for what goes WRONG, you are implicitly conceding something else. You are powerless in your life to make anything go RIGHT.

Is ducking responsibility worth copping to being a nutless wonder who’s a spectator in his own life? No?

Ready to be something more than a leaf in the wind, even if it means stepping up?


Buckle up, Skippy, you’re about to level up in life.

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Things are pretty rough right now, eh? You know, in days gone by, tough times were no big deal to the believer, because Christians used to be a tad bit pluckier back then. When bad things happened, the believers from bygone days did not wail like sirens, move home with mummy, and/or renounce their Christianity just because things momentarily were jacked up. You re probably thinking, Where did they get their holy bulldog resiliency? Jesus told us in the Sermon on the Mount that heartaches in life are a matter of when, not if. Are you ready? If not, don t freak, as the contents of this fast-paced and funky book seek to shore up your sagging spirit.