WATCH: Dan Bongino Lays Out The Who, Why & How In Plot Against Flynn

Written by Wes Walker on May 1, 2020

Bongino is a scrappy, no-nonsense beast of a political commentator, and America could use 10,000 more like him.

When half the world was convinced that Trump was some kind of a Kremlin puppet, Bongino was already following the breadcrumbs that led to his book ‘Spygate’. When the Mueller Investigation fell to pieces, what he had been saying still stood the test of time.

Bongino’s ‘remember the names’ investigator instincts, his high-quality sources and his ability to sniff out the stories that matter in a whirlwind of fake news have earned him a place of respect in the ClashDaily newsroom.

And as a group who’s tagline is ‘stay rowdy’, his take-no-prisoners fighting spirit is just the cherry on top for us.

Now that the malice of the FBI’s actions in setting up General Flynn for personal destruction has finally been demonstrated, some of our readers may be wondering why anyone would be so hellbent on destroying one man that they would be willing to risk everything their career and institution is founded on to set him up.

There’s no way an 800-word article could even begin to scratch the surface. But Dan’s show yesterday gave a beginning-to-end primer on who had it in for Flynn, WHY they wanted him ruined, and what steps they took to make it happen.

Support quality conservative voices like his, and give him a follow.

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