DEAR PASTORS: Gross Politicians Want You To Preach A Neutered Jesus

Written by Doug Giles on May 15, 2020

Ever notice how the “separation of church and state” only ever goes one way?

The anti-church governmental overlords want pusillanimous pastors to water down who Jesus really is, and therefore what His followers should also be like.

Why? Well, let’s just say that it’s easier to control a gelding than a stallion.

Don’t just roll over, Rover!

Stand up for your Lord and Savior tell everyone that the King of Glory is not the soft-focus, effeminate, peignoir-wearing, bearded-lady hippie that is preached from many pulpits these days.

Naw, dog.

Jesus was the embodiment of masculinity.

He made Jason Mamoa look like Joe Exotic.

Doug lays it out here:

Did you find that yummy?

I’ll bet you did.

Well, there’s lots more where that came from…

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