END THE LOCKDOWN: Cuomo ‘Shocked’ That 84% Of NYC Hospitalizations For COVID Were People Sheltering In Place

Written by Wes Walker on May 7, 2020

The ‘experts’ assured us the silver bullet that would save us from the Viral Menace was sacrificing our economy on the altar of safety and retreating into our homes until the danger passed.

They were wrong. And an untold number of families have been ruined, never to recover … for nothing. The silver bullet touted by talking heads on TV, that all ‘good and moral citizens’ relied upon was a dud.

Skeptics were shamed. Called immoral. One was personally derided by a judge as ‘selfish’ and thrown in jail for a week after being fined $7000 a day.

For what?

The silver bullet wasn’t just wrong– it was DANGEROUSLY wrong. People who obeyed the shelter-in-place guidelines were put at higher risk than those who did not.

During a recent press conference, Cuomo cited a study that left him gobsmacked..

“If you notice, 18% of the people came from nursing homes, less than 1% came from jail or prison, 2% came from the homeless population, 2% from other congregate facilities, but 66% of the people were at home, which is shocking to us,” the Democrat said during a televised COVID-19 briefing on Wednesday.

“This is a surprise: Overwhelmingly, the people were at home,” Cuomo continued. “We thought maybe they were taking public transportation, and we’ve taken special precautions on public transportation, but actually no, because these people were literally at home.”

“Cuomo said nearly 84% of the hospitalized cases were people who were not commuting to work through car services, personal cars, public transit or walking,” CNBC noted, adding that the governor “said the information shows that those who are hospitalized are predominantly from the downstate area in or around New York City, are not working or traveling, and are not essential employees.” — DailyWire

A little more about that study…

The preliminary data was from 100 New York hospitals involving about 1,000 patients, Cuomo said at his daily briefing. — CNBC

Naturally, we can all expect that anyone NOT abiding by all the shelter-in-place requirements will be heartless morons with blood on our hands… or something.

Because unlike the rest of us Liberal never have to be judged by their results… only by their intentions.