FLYNN FREED: Police State Leftist Reactions Are Pure Trump Derangement Syndrome

Written by Wes Walker on May 8, 2020

Flynn was set up by his own government. We have it in their own writing. Today the DOJ dropped the case against him. Naturally, that means the Left are losing their minds.

Yes, the DOJ has withdrawn its case against General Flynn. He has been exonerated. And unless the judge blocks the motion, he has his life back. His reputation will take somewhat longer. Especially when Leftists are working so hard to destroy him on a very personal level.

In a stunning and ‘historic’ turn of events U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Jensen, who was appointed by Department of Justice Attorney General William Barr, filed a motion to dismiss the case three years after charges were brought against former National Security Advisor Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. Flynn who had originally pleaded guilty under his previous defense counsel, had withdrawn his guilty plea earlier this year and charged the government prosecutors with strong-arming him and threatening his family, which led to his guilty plea.

..“This is a historic moment for the entire country and crucial to the restoration of the rule of law,” Powell told this reporter. “Millions and millions of Americans joined and supported our fight for the truth and this important step for the country to begin to believe that we can bring integrity back into our law enforcement institutions.”

Jenson released a statement Thursday saying that “through the course of my review of General Flynn’s case, I concluded the proper and just course was to dismiss the case.”

Jenson, who had discovered a slew of documents the FBI and DOJ had kept from his defense throughout his trial said he “briefed Attorney General Barr on my findings, advised him on these conclusions, and he agreed.” —SaraACarter

How have the left reacted to the news? In only the most reserved and rational way… by going nuclear. Now, remember the pressure Flynn was under. He had been harassed and pushed to insolvency having to sell his home to pay for legal costs in clearing his good name. And then they threaten to drag his kids and grandkids into running the same ruinous gauntlet.

A long thread where Seth wants to see an innocent man burn… regardless of facts like entrapment, and all the other ‘irregularities’ that have shown up in the case against him.

This ghoul works for Newsweak:


Nadler wants an explanation — who has some crayons to put it in terms His Rotundness could understand?

You think they’re all mad now? Just wait until we get a look at the big document dumps, and the Durham Investigation comes to a conclusion. There are still some dots that need connecting. For example…

Ooooh, and wouldn’t THAT be a bad day for the Left?

Finding out that their ‘scandal-free’ Lightbringer makes Richard Nixon look like a choirboy?

That would be delicious.