LMAO: Team Trump Launches ‘Truth Over Facts’ Website Mocking Joe Biden–Journos Don’t Get The Joke

Written by Wes Walker on May 19, 2020

If you filled an entire parking lot full of rakes, would these media morons fail to step on a single one?

They are so used to dominating the narrative that they haven’t a clue what to do when someone else seizes the initiative.

Their game of twist, distort, and cut quotes out of context to defame the right isn’t working anymore.

Those are the old rules. The ‘before Andrew Breitbart’ news.

Those are rules from the days when the Right thought this battle was to be won with gentlemen’s rules. But that would never work because the Left plays dirty. And they cheat.

Since then, our side has upped our game, and the Left doesn’t know what to do about it. They are so predictable. They fall for Trolling and respond with outrage…

Every. Single. Time.

Team Trump did satirical news expose poking fun at Biden. Guess who lost their S#^t over it?

This time, the liberal outrage mob didn’t realize the bait they were taking came straight from their own guy’s blooper reel.

The website was called ‘truth over facts’. Hilariously, since ‘journalists’ on the Left have a deep commitment to sweeping Biden’s mistakes under the rug, they haven’t the foggiest idea that this was one of Biden’s many verbal slips.

So, when the saw ‘truth over facts’ without seeing it through the ‘Democrats can do no wrong’ filter, they got outraged. They started mocking Republicans over the ‘truth over facts’ line.

Who did they nab? A bunch of blue-check glitterati. They included…

  • Vox founder, Ezra Klein for one, fell for it, hook line and sinker.
  • Charlie Warzel is a blue check from the New York Times opinion page.
  • Daily Beast writer Molly Jung Fast.
  • WaPo Global opinions contributor, Issac Stone Fish.

What a bunch of clowns.

Just wait until what they hear what AOC said about it being more important to be morally right than factually correct. (Covered here — Clash Poll: Is Occasional-Cortex THE VOICE Of Generation Dumb@ss?

Why have we learned to trade in the Oxford Debate rules approach to political discourse for informational guerilla tactics?

It’s because we finally figured out that our enemy doensn’t even pretend to play fair. They’ll throw sand in your eyes, break a bottle and cut you with it. Whatever it takes to destroy you.

And we got kicked around like a rag doll again and again.

Until finally, something changed.

It’s neatly summed up in this line by none other than Andrew Breitbart.

(Fair warning, there’s an expletive. It IS Breitbart, after all.)