Memory Hole: Cuomo’s Order Forcing COVID Patients On Nursing Homes Scrubbed From Gov’t Website

Written by Wes Walker on May 27, 2020

Governor Cuomo has no problem taking credit for things that go well, or casting blame for things that go badly. But when it comes to admitting his own failures? He covers it up.

The popular narrative pushed by the Left these days is the total body count of the CCP Wuhan Coronavirus. It’s 100,000 people, and all Trump’s fault.

The very same people who insist that Trump is a power-hungry dictator — ‘literally Hitler’ — also say Trump should have done more to stop this crisis. That he has blood on his hands.

As Obama famously said, ‘elections matter’. But doesn’t this cut both ways?

We are treating the viral epidemic as though it is a national crisis. But is it national? Really or is it more of a regional one?

Certainly, there have been individual cases and deaths in every state of the union — as there have in probably every country in the world. There is no ‘Iron Dome’ technology that can ‘zap’ viruses before they penetrate a national border and spread internally.

But certain places took a glancing blow while others were stacking bodies like cordwood. What accounts for those differences?

A big part of the answer to that question comes back to two words: local policies.

Of all those ‘local policies’ one of them that forms a common thread in these ‘hotspots’ was when the State sent infected patients into nursing homes. Sending infectious patients into the one place where COVID is almost guaranteed to prove fatal is like chain-smoking in a fireworks factory. The predictable disaster is a question of ‘when’ not ‘if’.

The bulk of New York’s lethal cases have occurred in Nursing Homes. And red flags went up the moment Cuomo signed that Executive order sending infections patients there, whether administrators wanted to accept them or not.

Now that Cuomo is taking heat for that disastrous and lethal decision, he’s trying to hide the trail of breadcrumbs that lead so many needless deaths back to him.

Cuomo has called this virus an act of God. He has specifically blamed the deaths in nursing homes on federal policy.

But the fact remains, not every state handled this crisis the same way New York did. They did something differently, with a devastating outcome. And Cuomo’s own signature testifies against him that this was — explicitly and indisputably — his call.

Someone who lost both of her inlaws due to Cuomo’s policy has something to say about it:

Let’s conclude by revisiting Cuomo’s own words:

“I said to the local officials and I want to say to the people of the state of New York,” Cuomo said, “if you are upset by what we have done, be upset at me. The county executive did not do this, the village mayor did not do this, the city mayor did not make these decisions, I made these decisions.”

“I made them because I believe they are in the best interest of the state,” he continued. “I know they cause disruption, I know people are upset, I know businesses will be hurt by this. I don’t feel good about that. I feel very bad about that.”

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“The buck stops on my desk,” the New York governor added. “I assume full responsibility.” —RawStory

We will leave it up to Governor Cuomo to explain how ‘assuming full responsibility’ is consistent with ‘hiding embarrassing evidence that highlights his public failures’.

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