No, Gov. Cuomo, It Isn’t A ‘European’ Virus (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on May 12, 2020

Andrew Cuomo is doing his damnedest to send us back to the theory that he and his brother only have one brain between them. Looks like Andrew’s turn is over.

Not only must he NOT have been keeper of the brain on the day that he signed the order to send infected patients into nursing homes, about as smart as smoking in a fireworks factory, but he didn’t have custody of it when he let this doozy fly either.

In his diseased little politically correct mind, the Virus, apparently, is a ‘European’ Virus.

It’s no mistake. This has all the markings of a new talking point.

The rationale for it is easy to follow.

The Left is gearing up for a Criticism-of-China-is-Racist campaign. They’ve already floated a few trial balloons.

The White House press corps have been goading him about references to China, and whether they might be racially tinged. Forget the fact that Trump has smoked out a few ‘reporters’ in that gallery who work for the State-owned Chinese Government who are every bit as much a propaganda outfit as the Soviet Union’s PRAVDA was, (or Obama’s CNN, for that matter).

The strain of COVID-19 that has been plaguing New York happens to be the same strain that slammed Europe. Which means it came from Europe. Which means it’s European, not Chinese… right?

If it’s ‘European’, calling it the CCP Chines Coronavirus, or (as they call it in China) the Wuhan Virus is obviously racist.

Calling something ‘European’ doesn’t change the facts. Hasn’t he ever watched Seinfeld?

Let’s spell it out for him in terms his race-baiting, Chinese tyrant ass-kissing, little mind can understand. Here’s a parable for the Woke crowd:

Suppose a family flees a war-torn part of the world. For argument’s sake, let’s call it Syria. They make their way to Ireland for a couple of years, but aren’t happy with the climate. So they pack up and move to Australia.

Some local bullies them and calls them mean names.

Suppose Andrew was filling out the Hate crime complaint form. What would he enter for the nationality of the victims in this story?

Are they Syrian, or are they Irish? Because by the logic in this clip, they’re Irish, and the hate complaint is just silly.

That’s what’s happening here, too.

There aren’t different diseases. Covid-19, no matter what strain we are talking about is one unified event. The world WATCHED the spread of this virus in real-time. Johns Hopkins had a map on a website and everything. Whether you think it was the wet market or the disease lab, patient zero was from somewhere in Wuhan, China.

Be careful what games you play, Gov. Cuomo.

Because if YOU get to blame Europe for this… other American cities can point their fingers at New York.

New York City was the source of US outbreak: Yale professor says 65% of the country’s cases stemmed from the Big Apple despite first case emerging in Washington

If we’re in the habit of renaming these viruses based on point of origin, why not refer to the US-based cases the ‘Cuomo virus’, after New York’s hapless governor?

You know, after the guy who signed the order that killed so many nursing home residents.


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