RED HANDED: Rand Paul Calls Out Biden For ABUSING AUTHORITY Against A Political Opponent

Written by Wes Walker on May 15, 2020

The exact formulations Schiff and company leveled at Trump during ShamPeachment have just boomeranged against Biden in the Unmasking scandal.

It is ONE thing to access the identity and private conversation of a US citizen without a warrant.

But doing so against a political opponent? That’s a next-level violation.

Abusing one’s office to violate an opponent’s Constitutional rights is no small matter. And it’s looking like that is precisely what happened in that January 5th White House meeting in 2017.

There was no warrant against Flynn.

For a party that tried to oust Trump over ‘abuse of authority’ allegations in a straightforward phone call with a foreign leader, on the grounds that it was to ‘harm a political opponent’ … it will be interesting to see Democrats tapdance around their team getting caught ‘red-handed’, as Rand calls it, doing exactly what they tried to accuse Trump of having done.