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Seven Good Reasons To Think The Shutdown Might Finally Come To An End

With so much of the country locked down, and with the official explanation of ‘why’ changing every six minutes is there any reason to hope for the nation to get back to business soon?

Here are seven good reasons to think there’s light at the end of the CCP Coronavirus tunnel.

1. The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling

Evers’ administration argued that state law clearly gives the executive branch broad authority to enact emergency measures to control communicable diseases. Attorney General Josh Kaul also noted that Evers’ order was similar to that in at least 42 other states and has saved many lives.

Chief Justice Patience Roggensack wrote for the majority that the order equates to an emergency rule that Palm can’t enact unilaterally. The order creates criminal penalties that Palm has no authority to create, she added.

“Rule-making exists precisely to ensure that kind of controlling, subjective judgement asserted by one unelected official, Palm, is not imposed in Wisconsin,” Roggensack wrote for the majority. — Fox News

We are past the point where panic and urgency can justify a concentration of powers into the hands of a choice few, rather than the broader body of elected officials in the usual, adversarial body politic that would challenge and debate motions.

2. Outrage over unjustifiable police enforcement actions…

A sportsman alone in the ocean was arrested for violating lockdown mandate.

Moms are being arrested in the park with their kids.

Business owners are being fined, jailed, or stripped of their operational licensures.

A mother with a young child was thrown to the ground by 5 or 6 cops, and arrested for wearing her mask ‘improperly’.

Time and again, the public is defending the citizen rather than the importance of the law in these cases. Better still, free citizens have been pushing back against the hall monitor class by ‘outing’ the nosey neighbors who have been ratting everyone out to the police for minor ‘violations’.

3. States are opening… successfully.

Whether throwing their doors wide open or just taking baby steps, we are seeing states reentering the marketplace. And, despite how breathlessly the pundits wait for it to happen, the sky is NOT falling on the states that have done so.


TESLA, among other businesses, didn’t wait to ask for permission before going back to work. They took whatever precautions they figured they their workers, and their customers would need and went for it.

The dared the government to do something about it. In Musk’s case, he made it clear that if he got trouble for doing so, he would pull up stakes and move the whole damned operation to Texas where it would be appreciated.

That was a large number of well-paying manufacturing jobs. What’s more, it was a prestigious brand name they couldn’t afford the PR battle of losing. The government knew it had been beaten. They stepped back and let Tesla reopen the shop.

5. Beaches

The government said the beach was closed. The people did not care.

This indicates the people are less willing to be motivated by fear to obey arbitrarily-set rules that have no obvious rational basis for their existence. When that falls, the rest can’t be far behind.

6. The government is strapped for cash

The Federal government, with all these bailouts, is already flirting with huge negative consequences from the newly-augmented debt, as was so eloquently argued here: Bongino Fishslaps House Democrats For Passing New $3 Trillion Relief Bill ‘There’s No Damn Money’

States are seeing their own wells dry up, too.

California Gov. Newsom proposes billions in budget cuts, slashing state workers’ pay by 10 percent

The only way to top that up again is for taxpayers to be on the paying, rather than the receiving side of the ledger

7. The news narrative is beginning to shift

Close observers will notice the news media have begun to acknowledge the toll this shutdown has been taking in one form or another, and is no longer simply telling the fear-and-panic hide-in-your-basement narrative. They have begun telling the two narratives side-by-side.

One might speculate about what they are trying to accomplish with this dual narrative (perhaps a lose-lose scenario for the President) but for the first time, they are beginning to acknowledge the counter-pressure to open.

Those are seven reasons for optimism. You might even find more.

Ultimately, there is a solid argument for there being a natural right to provide for your needs through lawful means, just as fundamental as the right to self-defense that undergirds the Second Amendment: What Does The Second Amendment Have In Common With Back To Work Protests?

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck