WATCH Tucker Carlson TORCH RINO Republicans For Dropping Ball In Russiagate… Do You Agree?

Written by Wes Walker on May 18, 2020

Tucker Carlson is pulling no punches over what Republicans FAILED to do when they controlled the House and Senate for Trump’s first two years. Is he right, or did he go too far?

This is Tucker’s usual blasting of Democrats who tend to march lockstep with party discipline anyway. This video clip is specifically directed at the do-nothing REPUBLICAN Congress in the first two years of Trump’s Presidency.

It is absolutely savage. He isn’t even going after the obvious turncoats like Flake and Mitt Romney, as much as they deserve it.

He’s going after the guys who held positions of influence and power, but let the Democrats completely hijack the political agenda for pretty much the entirety of Trump’s presidency.

Had it not been for the likes of Bill Barr, Richard Grenell, Durham, and Flynn’s replacement lawyer, Sidney Powell who’s been pretty much a one-woman wrecking ball, exposing the Deep State fraud and chicanery we might never have known just how deep this rabbit hole really goes.

And what could the Republicans have done to derail this deep state Democrat plot if only they had exercised proper oversight?

We will never really know.

The Mueller investigation played a role in losing the House. That would have made an enormous change. Hell, we could have spent January talking about Coronavirus instead of ‘more witnesses’ for Shampeachment.

Who knows WHAT else we might have seen accomplished in these 4 years.

The wall might be finished by now. We might have tackled our immigration crisis.

Trump may have been negotiating with foreign powers from a position of strength instead of as a President perpetually, and pointlessly, under fire from his own Congress.

There’s no telling whether talks with North Korea may have gone differently.

Or whether the Israel peace plan would have been received differently.

Was this a well-deserved smackdown to some feckless RINOs who shielded the swamp when they should have been draining it?

Or did Tucker go too far and throw some of the good guys into the wood chipper?