Son Butchers Own Father In Front Of Horrified ‘Zoom Meeting’ Participants

Written by Wes Walker on May 23, 2020

Dwight Powers, a 72-year-old Vietnam Vet survived the horrors of war only to be stabbed to death in his own home, by his own kid.

As far as tragedies go, what this man suffered is next-level.

Powers was in Long Island, meeting over Zoom with 20 other people for Alcoholics Anonymous.

While they helplessly looked on, someone else stepped into the frame.

Police say people on the video chat noticed the man fall and became concerned. Then they saw another person, who appeared to be naked, on the screen.

“Bedsheets were being ripped off the bed by a gentleman who appeared to be naked as well as bald and he had a tattoo on his left arm, and then he placed the bedsheets on the floor as if he was covering something up,” said a witness to the crime who did not want to be identified.

One of the participants called police but they didn’t know where the victim lived. It took the other participants about 10-15 minutes to figure out his name and address.

By the time police responded to the scene, they say the son answered the door, slammed it on them and then jumped out the window.

He was caught about a mile away. He was later identified as Thomas Scully-Powers and was taken to Suffolk County Police Headquarters.

Scully-Powers was charged with 2nd-degree murder. He was taken to a local hospital for minor injuries he suffered after he jumped out the window. — ABC

Normally you go to a meeting like that to help deal with stress and traumatic experiences… not to experience one. As if massive economic shutdown and fears associated with living in a hotspot weren’t bad enough, It’s difficult even to imagine what must be going through their minds right now.

Here’s hoping AA sets up everyone involved with some good counseling services to help get them through this.

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