Tucker Carlson: Gaps In Flynn Unmasking Documents May Hint At Criminal Charges

Written by Wes Walker on May 14, 2020

Durham has explicitly said his investigation has become a criminal investigation. Could that explain the redacted names on the unmasking list?

Yesterday, ‘The List’ finally dropped, revealing the names and titles of persons who have had access to the unmasking of surveillance pertaining to General Flynn. You can find the full list here: Obama Officials Involved In Flynn ‘Unmasking’ Have Been Named–Here’s The 411

Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported that “relevant information” is missing from the declassified memo on Obama administration officials who received information in response to “unmasking” requests targeting retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

During his opening monologue, as he discussed the leaks of classified details of Flynn’s contacts with a Russian envoy, Carlson said this is an indicator that a grand jury has been impaneled.

“According to a knowledgeable source, a portion of the relevant information is missing from this latest document release,” Carlson said on his show on Wednesday. “Now, that could be a sign that some evidence is now in the hands of a grand jury impaneled to consider charges against whoever did this.”

He added a disclaimer, saying, “We don’t know that’s true, we certainly hope it is.”

Sixteen officials made unmasking requests that pertained to Flynn in the time period between the 2016 election and President Trump’s inauguration. This list, which was part of a memo released by GOP senators on Wednesday, has dozens of names, and it is not clear who made the requests or who among these people looked at the information. —Examiner

For those of us getting impatient with waiting for proverbial heads to roll for obvious malfeasance, this could mean a glimmer of hope.

Or, like Groundhog Day, it could just mean six more weeks of putting money in that swear jar every time we read the news.

And let’s be honest — at this point, some of us are going to need a bigger swear jar.