WATCH: Kevin James’s New Short Film Parodies The COVID Tyranny In Many Parts Of America

Written by K. Walker on May 14, 2020

At least someone in Hollywood can see that there are problems with the “new normal.”

During the pandemic, it seems that all of the (mostly leftwing) authoritarians came out of the woodwork to impose ridiculous restrictions on freedoms under the guise of a “public health emergency.”

We’ve seen churches closed indefinitely, That Woman In Michigan™ restrict the sale of seeds and gardening supplies that were on store shelves; parents arrested and handcuffed for taking their kids to a playground; one-way “social distancing” sidewalks; a hairstylist in Dallas arrested and fined for trying to earn a living; the SWAT team along with the rotund members of the Odessa Sheriff’s Office deployed to arrest a handful of anti-lockdown protesters; restriction of “window visits” at nursing homes; restaurants in Washington state are being required to log their customers in preparation for tracking citizens’ movements–and that’s just the beginning. There are so many more examples of outrageous overreach–like deploying police helicopters to catch people grabbing a beer on a roof, or telling California beachgoers to get off the beach.

It’s the rise of the COVIDictators.

And they’re enlisting the masses to help them out with snitch lines and rewards.

In his latest short film, James parodies the reality that many in America–and around the world–now find themselves in.

It’s a strange New World that many of us don’t understand.

Watch Out of Touch:

Yes, the masked, gloved, sanitized COVIDiots are out there just waiting for you to slip up by not standing on the “social distancing” marker outside of a business or going the wrong way down the grocery store aisle. You’ll get lectured if you’re not wearing a mask. Neighbors look out their windows when a car pulls up into your driveway to see if you invite the visitors inside. God alone help you if you shake someone’s hand out of reflex.

This doesn’t feel like America, and Kevin James captures that same Cold War in East Berlin feeling that has taken hold of us all.

This might be a parody, but it doesn’t seem to be all that far from reality these days.

Expect a fact-check from Snopes in the near future.

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