VP Pence’s Press Secretary Announces She’s Pregnant–Leftists Reveal How Awful They Are

Written by K. Walker on May 27, 2020

When people show you who they are–believe them.

The Press Secretary for Vice President Mike Pence, Katie Miller, is married to President Trump’s Senior Advisor, Stephen Miller, the man that the left loves to hate. He has been called all sorts of things, the milder of which include far-right, anti-immigration, racist, and a white nationalist.

Recently, it was revealed that Katie Miller tested positive for the novel coronavirus and spent time at home in quarantine.

Tuesday was her first day back on the job, and when she tweeted out the good news that she was back on the job, she had even more good news to share–she’s pregnant!

Congrats to Katie and Stephen!

But not everyone was excited for the expecting couple.

A whole lot of leftists jumped on Katie’s tweet and engaged in what could be considered “targeted harassment” if Katie was a Democrat instead of a Republican.

Some of these tweets show just how vile people can be.

How can people be so awful when a woman makes her pregnancy public?

This isn’t the first time that leftists have let the mask slip when it comes to Stephen Miller.

Those on the left aren’t keen on Miller’s tough on immigration stance.

Fake conservative Ana Navarro-Cardenas regularly dehumanizes Stephen Miller. She refers to him as “it” constantly.

When it was revealed that Vice President Mike Pence’s Press Secretary, Katie Waldman, was dating Miller, the harpy from The View expressed her surprise.

Then, when the couple’s engagement was announced, the editor of The Daily Beast, Molly Jong-Fast, called him “Santa Monica Goebbels.” (It should be noted here that Miller is Jewish.)

A Huffington Post reporter tweeted that the New York Times should have called Miller a white nationalist when reporting on the couple’s wedding.

Of course, Ana Navarro-Cardenas couldn’t let that kind of news pass without saying something dehumanizing and hateful.

These people criticizing Stephen and Katie Miller are just terrible human beings.

It’s clear that the left’s hatred for Stephen Miller bleeds over into criticism of both his wife and his unborn child.

But remember, they are the ones that are the models of civility and decency, unlike those hate-filled Republicans.

If these leftists didn’t have double-standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all.

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