WATCH: Clinton Crony Turned ‘Serious Journalist’ Lets Joe Biden Call Tara Reade A Liar On National Television

Written by K. Walker on May 12, 2020

Remember, this “journalist” called Bill Clinton’s predatory behavior a bunch of “bimbo eruptions”… and helped quash them.

How do we take this guy as a serious news anchor?

And yet, here we are.

George Stephanopoulos, who was close with the Clintons and continues to be an absolute political hack, is the main news anchor at ABC.

Wasn’t it ABC that squashed the Jeffrey Epstein story and then went after the person that leaked the Amy Robach video admitting it on camera? Oh, how strange.

Wasn’t it Stephanopoulos who was shocked–shocked, I tell you!–that the Hillary campaign canceled an interview with Ronan Farrow allegedly over his exposé on serial Hollywood predator, Harvey Weinstein?

That’s double strange considering that’s precisely the kind of thing that Stephanopoulos did to tamp down all those “bimbo eruptions” back when Bill was Governor of Arkansas with ambitions for the White House.

From his memoir “All Too Human” Stephanopoulos writes about his role as Bill Clinton’s “character witness” and how morally gray and just plain icky that was:

“I didn’t believe Clinton, and I couldn’t buy the party line — which meant I was the enemy now,” Stephanopoulos wrote. “I didn’t think I was a hypocrite, because my defense of Clinton against past bimbo eruptions had been predicated on my belief that he wouldn’t create new ones … For several years, I had served as Clinton’s character witness. Now I felt like a dupe.”

Some of these alleged “bimbo eruptions” weren’t consensual affairs–they were accusations of sexual assault, and, in the case of Juanita Broaddrick, rape.

But, here is Stephanopoulos, nearly 30 years later, and he’s got another Democrat nominee burdened with a woman alleging that he behaved in ungentlemanly conduct with her behind closed doors. What’s the Serious Journalist™ going to do?

Well, let the man share “his truth” of course! And on Good Morning America, no less. Biden says that a woman should be believed, but he’s assuring everyone that the “credible accusation” just didn’t happen despite what Reade says. Joe Biden basically called Tara Reade a liar on national television, just as he did when he was grilled by Mika Brzezinski, but this time, there wasn’t a smidgeon of pushback.

STEPHANOPOULOS: On these allegations from Tara Reade, I know you’ve denied them, but also said that women should be believed. So, what do you say to Americans that believe Tara Reade and won’t vote for you because of it?

BIDEN: Well, that’s their right. Look, here–look, I think that women should be believed. They should have an opportunity to have their case and state it just forthrightly–what their case is. That’s the responsibility of responsible journalists, like you, and everyone else to investigate those. At the end of the day, the truth is the truth. That’s what should prevail. And the truth is, this never happened. This never happened, I assure you.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Mr. Vice President, thank you for your time this morning.

What a coward and a hack to just let that go without a challenge!

An actual journalist would ask:

  • if he’s calling Tara Reade a liar
  • why Joe doesn’t “believe ALL women” when they come forward
  • what makes a woman’s accusation “credible”
  • why he flip-flopped on the standard that all women have an “essence of truth” when they make an accusation of sexual assault
  • if he should be held to the ridiculous Title IX standard that the Obama administration imposed on colleges
  • why he won’t release all of his political records
  • what he’s hiding in his political records

It goes without saying that this interview would be a very different one if Joe had an “R” after his name instead of a “D”.

George Stephanopoulos isn’t a journalist, he’s a Democratic hack–just like the rest of them.

You can watch the full clip of Biden’s Good Morning America appearance here:

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