WATCH: Michelle O. Says That Having Children Was A ‘Concession’ That Cost Her ‘Aspirations And Dreams’

Written by K. Walker on May 12, 2020

Imagine how Malia and Sasha feel after hearing this!

Actually, it probably won’t shock them–after all, it was their dad that said in 2008 that he was pro-abortion because he didn’t want his daughters “punished with a baby” if they made a mistake.

Michelle Obama’s bestselling book Becoming has been turned into a Netflix special. For some of us that are terrified of attempting to read something that was written by the former First Lady, perhaps checking out the Netflix special is the right move.

Or, you might get lucky and find some clips online that were posted by others so that you don’t actually have to subject yourself to an entire Michelle Obama hagiography as narrated by the woman herself.

Michelle has been praised for being incredibly candid in her biography. This moment of honesty, however, was a bit too much for a special that premiered just a few days before Mother’s Day.

She says that the birth of the children put her on unequal footing with Barack, and she “made the concession” and “dialed back” her aspirations and dreams in order to raise the two girls.


How a mother could say those things is completely beyond me.

Michelle admits that she couldn’t do it all, despite the lies of feminism saying that she could. Gee, what happened? Was it a standard that is unattainable to the masses?

The choices between motherhood and a career is made by millions of women all the time, but many of us don’t think of it as a stifling of who we are, but rather a call to be something better than we imagined–a mother. Sure, there are tough times. There are absolutely days of frustration, but whatever hardship, heartache, career or financial loss, many wouldn’t change a darned thing because their kids are worth the sacrifice.

It’s interesting that Michelle’s admission that she rather reluctantly made sacrifices to her dreams, and feels “unequal” to Barack because she became a mom, aired just as the latest Gerber baby was announced.

What does that have to do with anything?

It has everything to do with it.

For some people, like Michelle, it seems that motherhood is viewed as a burden, but for others, it’s an unparalleled joy.

Case in point, Courtney Earl who, along with her husband, Russell, has built a family through adoption. Their youngest adopted daughter, Magnolia, was just chosen as 2020’s Gerber baby.

The Earls see the value of Magnolia’s life, and, the Today Show accidentally allowed an adorable pro-life argument on national television in flesh and blood. And it was such a beautiful thing, especially when Courtney Earl praised Magnolia’s birth parents for choosing life and the joy that they have for their little girl.

How different from the view of the Obamas that the unexpected baby is “punishment” that should just be exterminated like it’s a pest. It’s telling.

It is utterly shocking to me that Michelle, who suffered the devastating loss of a child due to a miscarriage, would still view motherhood as some sort of second-place prize.

It would appear from her statements that, to Michelle, being a mother is work–likely described in those neo-Marxist feminist terms of “unpaid labor.” Although there were clearly some rewards for Michelle, the niggling feeling that she could have been more, achieved more, and be an accomplished woman separate from her identity with Barack, doesn’t seem to be far from her mind.

It’s sad, really. Here we have a former First Lady, that is well-respected and adored on the Left, and yet, she still seems to view herself as a failure for not being able to achieve the near-impossible standard held by modern feminists of “having it all.”

Maybe, just maybe, not considering what women want from their lives and holding them to the same standards as men isn’t actually “feminist” at all. Maybe it just makes some women feel like failures when they’re clearly not.

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