WATCH: Don Lemon Is Not A Journalist… He’s An Obama Fanboy

Written by Wes Walker on May 5, 2020

Most of us joked about Obama being the ‘Lightbringer’ and a Messianic figure. This guy polished off the whole jug of Kool-aid, then asked if there was any more.

From the beginning, most of us on the right made fun of the cult of personality behind Obama. Not because of the usual reasons they bring up about race and all that. It’s because it left them totally blind to any of Obama’s failings.

It was probably his 7th year in office before he stopped blaming Dubya for every little thing that went wrong.

CNN personalities LARPing as Journalists still haven’t kicked that habit. And yet they call Trump fans ‘cultists’.

Here’s a difference between Trump and Obama — Trump kept his promises, and made the country Stronger in the process. Until the COVID setback, we had the strongest economy we had ever seen.

But Don Lemon can only see Trump as the destroyer of Lightbringer’s legacy, and therefore the personification of all things malevolent. As such, Lemon lashes out at the man who knocked his idol off the pedestal.

Don’s head is lodged so far up Obama’s backside, he could wear POTUS44 as a hat. YOU are the embodiment of the reason Ben Rhodes was so confident he could manipulate the press into being his own personal Echo Chamber.

Let’s turn the question around, since the President has been living in Don’s head rent-free from the time he won the nomination…

What is it about President Trump that gets under your skin, Don Lemon?

Is it because he’s smarter than you? Better educated? Life is more accomplished?

That he isn’t a soulless sycophant regurgitating Zucker’s talking points from the daily Two Minutes Of Hate?

That he doesn’t get drunk and stuff his hands down his pants and accost strangers in a bar (allegedly)?

Just wondering…