WATCH: Floridian In A Bar Restaurant, Having A Good Time, Taunts Blue Endless Lockdown States

Written by Wes Walker on May 15, 2020

Not everyone lives in fear of bad things that might happen. Many live life anyway, realizing that life is, by definition, an endless series of managed risks. Which one are you?

Not every state slapped the panic button and threw everything into a semi-permanent lockdown. In Florida, for instance, much of life continues as normal.

Florida’s population has leapfrogged New York’s, roughly 23 million to New York’s roughly 19.5 million.

But the Florida infection rate is nothing like New York’s.

Whatever you may think of the reliability of reporting, the official tally of both states looks like this:

New York — 338,600 cases; 27,448 official fatal cases.

Florida — 42,000 cases; 402 fatalities

Sure, we recognize there are all sorts of variables that makes one state’s experience different from another’s — including subway travel vs private vehicle, percentage of people living in condos vs single-family homes. And of course, idiot Governors that deliberately expose their most vulnerable populations in nursing homes to infectious patients.

But predictions were, after Spring Break, that Florida was the next big domino to fall, and would take the same track that New York did. Except for the fact that it didn’t.

And we’re STILL waiting to hear an explanation for why Cuomo was forced to admit that most of the new cases were from people obediently ‘sheltering in place’ per government edits. Sheltering in place, for some reason, did NOT make them safer.

The arguments that doing it New York’s way and NOT Florida’s way are wearing thin.

And now, Floridians are getting the last laugh.

Nobody’s wearing a mask.

Nobody’s freaking out about how close they are standing to other people.

The police aren’t carting anyone away in handcuffs.

We used to call this ‘having a life’, or ‘socializing’.

Now we call it flipping the middle finger to the Nanny-state fear-mongers who want their fear to dominate the lives of everyone around them… causing what ‘might’ happen to dictate the behavior of others.

And these guys aren’t having any of it.