WTF: Alex Jones Hits Top Trending For Outrageous Comments About His Neighbor

Written by Wes Walker on May 2, 2020

What’s funny, is that the thing people THINK he means isn’t even as crazy as what he actually said.

Alex Jones is a human lightning rod. If there is an opportunity for controversy, he will find it. And if there’s a rake to be stepped on, he’ll usually step on it a couple of times. Because sometimes, smacking yourself in the face one time just isn’t enough.

That’s pretty much what happened here.

To be honest, until this happened, the guy had dropped completely off our radar.

There is a bizarre Alex Jones hashtag trending on Twitter. One that will mean different things to different people.


We told you it was weird. And it’s about to get weirder.

There are two ways to take this quote. There is the way he meant it, and there is the way the internet understood it.

The short clip that isolates the phrase that’s making people giggle like kids in junior high is this one:

That was an unfortunate use of profanity. As you might guess by the ‘first date’ reference in that Tweet, there is a way to understand Alex Jones’ phrase that relates to a specific sexual act. We’ll leave it at that.


We’ve gotta admit. As awkwardly embarrassing as it might be to have that particular line floating around in THAT usage, we’re surprised that his ACTUAL statements were overshadowed by that. He meant something else entirely.

That’s EXACTLY what he meant. If he runs out of food in a couple of years? His neighbor is looking mighty tasty.

I will eat your ass is not the most controversial line in that rant.

Hanging the neighbor up by a chain, gutting him, and eating him might be.

Yikes. The jokes were flying on social media.

This one may have been the best:

Yep, this is the world we really live in, folks.