WTF? Joe Biden Blames Charlamagne Tha God For The ‘You Ain’t Black’ Comment (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on May 28, 2020

If this is how Sleepy Joe is whiffing on softball questions giving him a chance to massage the narrative in his favor, what will Biden do when facing actual hostile questions?

Not long after the disastrous interview on the Breakfast Club with Charlamagne tha God, Biden caught Hell for what he said while wrapping up the call.

We covered the original dust-up here: ‘Then You Ain’t Black’: Biden On Breakfast Club Disses Anyone Not Voting For Him (Video)

Media flunkies (and other Democrats) rushed to brush off Joe’s remarks as unimportant, and his response to it as an ‘apology’ that put the problem to rest. How convenient. Too bad the guy Biden said it to didn’t let him off the hook quite so easily: Charlemagne: The Bill Comes Due For Biden’s ‘Ain’t Black’ Statement — Here’s The 411

Which brings us to this interview by Dana Bash.

After setting up the ‘you ain’t back’ comment as resolved, she skips ahead to Biden’s lie about Claiming the NAACP had supported him every time he ran. They did not. She expressed concern that black voters might have their enthusiasm dampened by such public errors.

Sleepy Joe didn’t even acknowledge his obvious lie. Instead, Biden went back to his excuses about the stupid statement. He did two things here…

— He misrepresented his own reaction. If you look at his response in context, Biden misunderstood and was bothered by CtG’s statement that he had ‘more questions’ to ask. His reaction was not ‘cavalier’ so much as indignant.

— He blame-shifted full responsibility for the embarrassing viral moment onto Charlamange for being a ‘wise guy’. Look back at the clip. He was NOT being a ‘wise guy’. He had his interview cut short, and was obviously annoyed by being cut off by Biden. (That was when he said you can’t to that to black media.)

Joe replied with some black and white platitudes and pushed responsibility for cutting this interview short on his wife. (Looks like he picked up a pointer or two about ‘leading from behind’ from Obama.)

CtG graciously invited Joe back to his show again, ending with an industry standard setup for future interviews, namely a variation of we have ‘so much more to discuss’. That’s when Joe shot him self in the foot.

So he dodged the question about his lie… by lying about the question he felt more comfortable addressing. No surprise there. He plagiarized a speech once, and even this campaign was launched on Day One with an easily-debunked lie. Joe Biden is what one might call a ‘lying dog-faced pony soldier’.

How certain can we really be about his claim that he needed to yield to his wife? After all…

Maybe they’re just terrified that Joe’s going to blow it.

What else do we know about that interview? It was panned by critics across the spectrum.

From the right we have Newsbusters.

“Naturally, Trump-hating and fear-loving CNN served Tuesday as Joe Biden’s first in-person interview since the coronavirus pandemic began and, right on cue, chief political correspondent Dana Bash fulfilled her role as a real-life Bashful, liberal foot solider, and citizen of Zuckerville. Between softball questions and assisting Biden in touting anti-Trump conspiracy theories, it was mission accomplished,” NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck wrote.

“Of course, Bash refused to ask about Tara Reade or the refusal from the University of Delaware to release any of Biden’s Senate papers that could provide the public more information on what was internally written at the time of Reade’s allegations. So much for journalism,” Houck added, noting that Bash instead focused on Trump “trying to belittle” Biden for wearing a mask in public.FoxNews

From the Left, we have Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher.

His criticisms are far more savage than Huock’s in this case.

“The most infuriating, yet encouraging, parts of the interview were when Biden was not just asked extremely stupid questions, but was then pressed on those extremely stupid questions,” Christopher wrote. “The first of these was related to Trump’s mockery of Biden for wearing a mask in public on Memorial Day… there are a lot of ways for a journalist to approach this issue.”

…“Now, some people might defend this by saying these journalists are just asking the question, maybe acting as stand-ins for a significant portion of their audience, which is, after all, their jobs. I would argue that when a significant portion of the audience wonders something so stupid, it becomes the journalist’s job to educate them, not play along,” he wrote, adding that he felt Biden properly answered the question.

The liberal Christopher wrote, “This is where the (extremely weak) audience surrogate excuse falls away, because Bash then asked Biden ‘So do you think wearing a mask projects strength or weakness?’”

…The Mediaite columnist criticized other portions of the interview, too, but came away happy that Biden was able to get through it. He suggested that Biden should scold reporters who make similar mistakes in the future.

“Biden is handling these questions well, but journalists need to do better, and Biden should work on figuring out a way to make them pay a price for this normalization of idiocy and immorality,” Christopher wrote. —FoxNews