Yet Another Pro-Trump Meme Has CNN’s Knickers In A Knot (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on May 17, 2020

With the rise of social media came a new, subversive art form, the ‘meme’. It’s pithy, effective, and immensely sharable. Naturally, the media establishment hates them.

They hate them for precisely the same reason that many politicians hate the effectiveness of a skilled political cartoonist.

It is usually humor-driven. And satirists for centuries have proven how effective a narrative disruptor humor can be. If the News Networks lose control of the narrative, the will be shown to be the empty suits they so obviously are.

Here’s the latest pro-Trump meme, repurposing a well-known clip from the blockbuster movie Independence Day:

And, predictably, this is CNN:

Getting butthurt over memes is hardly a new trend with them.

Alex Jones was just another voice on the internet blasting some outlandish opinions until he pissed off Oliver Darcy and rest of the CNN crew by making CNN the butt of jokes with ‘the Great Meme War’:

That’s when Darcy, ‘Mr. First Amendment’ himself, got busted leveraging contacts in Silicon Valley to deplatform an independent blogger who mocked his corporate media juggernaut on the internet.

Was ‘Free Press’ Just Caught Colluding With Twitter In Latest Alex Jones Blacklisting?

There are a lot more memes, many of them at CNN’s expense. For example: