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ZERO SELF-AWARENESS: Chris Cuomo Calls Out ‘Fools’ Breaking Social Distancing Orders (VIDEO)

The internet has a word for what Fredo is doing in this rant of his. It’s called a ‘self-own’. He blasts other people with both barrels, with ZERO realization of what he just called himself.

Does he even write his own rants, or does he just read them off a teleprompter? Because this one was especially ill-considered.

He sets up the whole Coronavirus thing in the context of his own experience with the illness. (That should have been his first red flag that this rant was going the wrong direction.) But he blew past any opportunities for self-reflection and went straight to the finger-pointing.

Cuomo sets up the tension of the problem without too much difficulty, throwing in a gratuitous swipe at Trump to keep Zucker satisfied.

On one hand, people are still sick. On the other, there are catastrophic losses looming in the economy that are a lot more personal than just losing some return on investment in the markets. Bread lines.

It’s the Chicken Little version, but it’s CNN. Our expectations aren’t that high.

And then Fredo goes full Fredo in this rant on feelings at the 2:20 mark.

Talking about people tired of the lockdown, and with a picture of crowds gathered in West Village, he says ‘..look at these fools… FOOLS!’

He goes on to explain exactly WHY the people in this photo are all-caps voice-raised ‘fools’.

‘I know they want to be out there. FOOLS! It’s not about you! What about the other people? And look, I’m not going to castigate you. That’s not my job. I’m not your daddy. But we have to think about this. We are rushing to get back out of want, not just out of need. Alright?

Beautiful weather does not make for a beautiful reality.’

He then goes on to wax poetic about lessons learned, and the consequences of rushing back to the old normal, asking what the hurry to get back to that way of life really is.

Spoken like a guy who has never once in his life worried about missing a paycheck.

First off, Fredo, if it’s not your job to castigate the public, and you’re not their daddy, than maybe you should have shut your mouth BEFORE you castigated the people you just called fools.

“Castigate definition, to criticize or reprimand severely.” —Dictionary dot com

But on a more serious note — are we all supposed to sit here and pretend like we don’t know you traipsed around the city while you were supposedly quarantined while you were literally OOZING with viral load looking for someone to infect?

That you met up with folks on Easter Sunday, and when a New Yorker that cared about ‘flattening the curve’ who recognized you as not only a famous personality but, more importantly, as an infectious threat to public health, that you blasted him for it, and thumped your chest with pride as though HE was the idiot in this situation?

Are we all supposed to pretend that your dramatic Rise out of Quarantine stunt you pulled wasn’t a pathetically transparent lie?

What was YOUR hurry, fool? What ‘need’ motivated your quarantine jailbreak? What concern did YOU show for other New Yorkers or the burden borne by hospital staff?

Eric Clapton sang a song that might help you from making this mistake again. The chorus puts it in language so plain that even a Fredo working for CNN could understand it.

“Before You accuse me… take a look at yourself.”

Next time the urge strikes you to go flinging blame — especially as it related to Quarantine — think about that.

As for your endless sniping at Trump. Is it because you are afraid to hold your more successful brother to account for his failings? Andrew Cuomo, the one who shipped patients every bit as infectious as you were — into nursing homes despite the protests of staff there?

Or are we all right back to the partisan sniping and BS you claimed was what you hated most about your job?

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