AOC Says That If President Trump Wants To Stop The Rioting Then He Has To Implement Her Socialist Agenda (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on June 2, 2020

So much for the “democratic” in Democratic Socialist. She wants these policies implemented by fiat.

Scratch a leftist, you find an authoritarian.

AOC is weighing in on the protests that have spread across the United States and, of course, her solutions to complex problems is simply to implement socialism–democratically, of course.

Except, not exactly democratically. She wants the Republican platform to adopt her own politics.

She posted a livestream video on Sunday captioned, “If you want to end unrest, end the conditions that create it.” In the video, she states what can must be done to “end the unrest” that is happening right now across the country. Just like so many socialists before her, she appears to believe that rioting and looting are forms of protest against the “violence” of discrimination. She says that the riots could have been avoided if justice had been done earlier.

George Floyd died on May 25. Attorney General William Barr announced on May 29 that there was going to be a federal investigation into the death of Floyd. That same day, officer Derek Chauvin was taken into custody and charged with Third Degree murder. That was after an internal police investigation of he incident. Sure, I wish Chauvin was arrested and charged on May 25. But the system was indeed working.

The protests didn’t turn into riots until after Chauvin was charged. Yet, AOC says no one paid attention until things started getting smashed.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

She’s telling President Trump, the Republican Party, and anyone to the right of Karl Marx that the people will continue to destroy businesses, toss Molotov cocktails, and foment actual violence until conservatives and libertarians agree to the following:

  • call healthcare a human right (So…ensure that healthcare workers are forced to provide services, then?)
  • adopt intersectional politics and hierarchies of oppression (Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter)
  • call out police brutality (I’m assuming that by this she means a softer view of the predominant one on the far-left that “All Cops Are Bastards” abusing their authority and should, therefore, be abolished. What else could she mean? There is no reasonable human being, left, right, or center, that wants law enforcement officers to treat people inhumanely and throw their authority around.)
  • end the “violence of poverty” (Poverty is awful, but it is not violence.)
  • end the “violence of lack of housing access” (This is often caused by leftwing policies, like rent control and refusing to allow more construction, by the way. Even progressives admit this.)
  • implement civilian oversight of police conduct (the controversial “Community Review Boards” that have been critiqued by left-leaning BLM and the ACLU.)
  • the end of housing discrimination (which is already illegal)
  • stand up against for-profit real estate development (Aaaand there it is–anti-capitalism.)

Here’s the full video:

By the way, I just love the uncovered cough in the video with her mask hanging off of one ear, don’t you?

She’s become an absolute caricature of a leftist. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that she was some Republican plant to make the left look bad. However, I do believe that she really is that dumb. Most of the time, the simple answer is the correct one.

There are no easy answers here… there was indeed systemic oppression historically in the United States. Is it at the same level now decades after the Civil Rights Movement? Hardly. But there were repercussions for that oppression, and we have to figure out how to deal with that as a nation. We’re also not a one-size-fits-all kind of country.

But it’s disingenuous to just say “You need to value my priorities in order to solve these problems.”

Imagine how she’d feel if conservatives told her that she needs to adopt right-wing views.

If you want to stop unrest, AOC, then you need to prioritize:

  • law enforcement for those who are breaking the law
  • charter schools to get minority kids out of the failing public schools in low-income areas
  • support intact families
  • stop insisting that people’s political views are an extension of their race
  • stop pushing the politics of division based on immutable characteristics like skin color, gender, and sexual orientation
  • stop insisting that America is a terrible country founded on racism
  • instead of the “eat the rich” policies, recognize that job-creators are valuable to workers
  • stop pushing for more dependence on government and encourage self-reliance
  • don’t curtail our rights as enumerated in the Bill of Rights

I’m sure she’d just love that, right?

Don’t be too hard on her, though.

She’s obviously getting much of her politics from Teen Vogue.


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