‘Bloodletting And Wilding’ Are Part Of An Agenda To Tear Down America

Written by K. Walker on June 5, 2020

Key institutions have promoted an anti-American, anti-Capitalist agenda for decades. What we’re seeing on the streets at night are the results.

William A. Jacobson, a law professor at Cornell University, penned a piece over at Legal Insurrection that you really should read. He says that we shouldn’t really be surprised at the chaos and destruction that we’re seeing in large, (mainly) Democrat-run cities, it is a result of a sustained, concerted effort to destroy America: Land of The Free and turn it into some sort of socialist dystopian nightmare.

Jacobson says that although George Floyd’s death may have been the spark, the kindling was laid by key institutions over the last few decades.

You send your kids to public schools and college, where they are taught from their earliest years that America and capitalism are the sources of evil in the world, that we are a systemically racist society that consumes ‘black and brown bodies,’ while socialist and communist systems are more equal and fair. It’s all a lie, but it’s a lie told by the teachers, professors, and administrators with power. The real racists are the people who obsess about race, and who judge people based on the color of their skin.

When your kids emerge from the social justice warfare meat grinder, you don’t recognize them anymore. Oh well, you shrug.

There is a concerted effort funded by leftist billionaires and high tech companies to control what you can say, and to silence you through mob action or social media throttling if you get out of line. The large corporate media, with only a couple of exceptions, is thoroughly corrupt and works every day to elect their preferred candidates, always Democrats.

He didn’t say this in his article, but I think that the interminable lockdowns resulting in job-losses, financial insecurity, and the resulting hoplessness that contributed to the protests shifting as rapidly as they did to become the “release of criminal fury” that Jacobson describes. If we hadn’t been locked down for months, would it have escalated to this? We’ll never know.

Jacobson says that more is coming, however. Now that the mob is getting a taste of victory with their agenda, they’re hungry for more. They want total control.

The law enforcement system is being undermined by district attorneys funded by George Soros whose agenda is to prevent enforcement of laws, and politicians whose goal is to see those arrested released immediately without bail. We’re seeing that right now with rioters and looters almost immediately released. The next push is to defund the police.

Jacobson says that the goal of these activists is to “destroy capitalism and to seek revenge.” 

The Black Lives Matter movement, founded based on fraudulent narratives of the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown cases, is led by anti-American, anti-capitalist activists. They have concocted a false narrative of mass murder of Blacks at the hands of police, when the statistics show otherwise. They will exploit George Floyd’s death mercilessly to drive that agenda. And they will have some success, because all the institutions listed above are behind them.

So, is there any hope? Well–yes and no.

Jacobson says that in the short term, things can be done to seek out those who were coordinating the violence. We’ll need to be relentless. We’ll have to rely on the feds to do it because blue states with Democratic politicians are part of the problem. If the key criminals are caught in the state system, they’ll be within reach of District Attorneys who can interfere in the cases. It seems that the Presidential election is key; Jacobson says that if Biden is elected, the investigation will be halted.

But that’s not all that the feds need to do.

Democrat states and cities are in a bad way financially due to their own mismanagement of their economies and their tolerance of rioters and looters. They all will be seeking federal bailouts. Just say no, unless there is structural change.

But there is hope.

Amidst all this gloom, there is a ray of light. Most of the country didn’t riot and loot. Most of the people in the country don’t hate capitalism and want a Marxist revolution. Most of the country still loves the country. Don’t lose sight of that. If after two generations the radical left were not able to beat patriotism out of most Americans, there is a chance.

Source: Legal Insurrection

Although it appears that our light may have dimmed in these last few days, America is still that “Shining City On A Hill” to the rest of the world.

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