Call 9-1-1: Bongino Opens Giant Can Of Whoop-@ss On Geraldo Over Atlanta Cop Case

Written by Wes Walker on June 18, 2020

Sparks have flown a few times on air when Dan Bongino and Geraldo Rivera crossed swords on charged political issues. The officer-involved shooting in Atlanta is the latest example.

Now that charges have been laid against the officers involved, including the death-penalty eligible Felony Murder, Geraldo has put out a video weighing in on the events that happened in that Wendy’s parking lot.

Geraldo parroted every talking point of those who would assume the officer’s guilt and make him prove his innocence.. with the key exception being that he thinks the Felony Murder charges are an instance of overcharging and that the death was not intentional:

He had a few inflammatory tweets in line with his video, including these:


Naturally, the video went viral on Twitter.

Dan Bongino — who served as a NYPD beat cop himself back in the day — was not going to let the assertions Geraldo made in this video pass unchallenged. He made his own video in response to it:

The caption says it all. ‘Geraldo is not telling you the truth’.

There are two specific objections Dan was raising in answer to Geraldo’s video.

1) Dan challenges Geraldo’s assumption that this was an instance of manslaughter, or that it is fair to assume that this lethal force incident fell outside the scope of lawful police response.

(This is why we have the courts render legal decisions and not some version of Trial By Media mob justice.)

2) Dan challenges the assumption that the events on that fateful evening were in any way motivated by racial animus.

Unless and until that is proven, the race of both parties must be treated as incidental, for the very reason that we do not PROVE our innocence in this country.

James Woods recently tweeted a video that gives some much-needed perspective on incidents like this one.

How fast to things move, and how tough is that decision about whether or when to draw a weapon, and what risks come along with erring on the side of leniency?

It’s a wonder anyone is still willing to wear that badge at all.


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