Candace Owens Weighs In On George Floyd: ‘Victim’ And ‘Martyr’ Are NOT The Same Thing

Written by Wes Walker on June 5, 2020

Even her opening lines in this video acknowledge that she WILL be hated by many for what’s coming. But she isn’t flying off half-cocked, either.

George Floyd was killed. He died with a knee to his neck from a guy whose behavior was unworthy of the badge on his chest. The man who did it must have his day in court, and pay whatver penalty justice demands.

George Floyd was a victim, truly. He suffered an injustice at the hand of the very people whose job it was to uphold justice.

But is that what we are treating him as..? A victim?

Or has he been elevated to something more? To some kind of legendary status of hero or martyr.

THAT is the part of the official story Candace Owens is now challenging.

THAT is the part of the official story she will be facing the wrath of the cancel culture for.

Is she going too far? Or is she making a fair point?

What about her criticism of both George Floyd’s hero status at the individual level and her culture’s habit of elevating some of the worst sort of people to hero status more generally?

Is she addressing an elephant in the room?

Or will she deserve the anger that’s about to be unleashed upon her for even saying this opinion out loud??