Hodge Twins: These Conservative Bros Ain’t Buying What BLM Is Selling

Written by Wes Walker on June 5, 2020

While so much of the world is rushing to literally bend the knee for BLM, these Bros are going the other direction. They’re calling BLM a ‘Leftist Lie’.

Being black doesn’t obligate you to do and say what the party line demands you do and say. That’s a shocking opinion, to be sure. But a true one.

Just like their ‘heretical’ matter-of-fact statement that all lives matter.

These bros have no trouble thinking independently. And their independent thinking comes up with more reasons to stand opposed to BLM’s core assumptions than to support them.

They are more than capable of explaining it in their own words. Rest assured, you will NOT be seeing any of these views represented on Don Lemon’s CNN. They just don’t fit the narrative.

So what do you think?

Do these bros make a helluva lot of sense, or what?