Christ & Chaos: Serving God During Crap Conditions

Written by Doug Giles on June 11, 2020

While the world is losing their collective minds… where should we focus our energies?

It could really be as simple as ‘making the main thing the main thing’.

So many things that have us wrapped around the axle today won’t matter a tinkers’ damn a year from now. At the rate things are changing these days, what had people up at night LAST week will be completely displaced by what’s happening NEXT week. That’s how fast the news cycle has been revved up.

But you don’t have to ride that hamster wheel, bouncing from one crisis to another. Set your sights onto something bigger. More enduring.

And NOTHING is more enduring than results that are eternal.

Long after Mount Rushmore has crumbled to dust, there are some things we have done that will live on… the things we’ve done for God’s Kingdom.

Paul wasn’t saved merely for the sweet by-and-by. He was converted for a PURPOSE.

And so are we. It’s a purpose that’s built around the very straightforward message of repent and believe the gospel.


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