‘Cop Free Zone’: Leadership Vacuum Yields Control Of Seattle To Activist Mob

Written by Wes Walker on June 10, 2020

Not long after the nation watched in horror as a police precinct in Minneapolis was torched by an angry mob, police in a ‘sanctuary city’ yielded control of Seattle to a sea of activists.

Not that we’re expecting a strong law-and-order leadership from the crowd in Seattle. They are chronically the ‘tip of the spear’ with every social experiment going, no matter how detrimental it is for their society.

Fifteen dollar minimum wage? Sanctuary city? Yielding part of the city to a camp of Anti-ICE squatters, and letting them refuse entry to the police?

Yup, they did all of those things.

And what happened when Andy Ngo got violently attacked on film by Antifa? Under ordinary circumstances, he would be the poster child for violent persecution. Journalist? Check. Racial minority? Check. LGBT? Check. He’s even a child of a refugee family. That would normally count as bonus points.

Andy would have been the cudgel the media attacked the Right with for their bigoted attacks against the First Amendment, and intersectional minorities. The media would have attacked us in his name with all the zeal they have mustered against the police with the latest BLM case. But not in this instance. He wound up being attacked by the militant wing of the far left. So HE was designated as a political pariah… and ‘Alt-Right’.

So what did we really EXPECT would happen when the mob decided that they were going to seize control of City Hall? They courageously turned tail and abdicated to the mob. They now have become the functional equivalent of people bribed by invading armies to open the gates.

To whom did they yield it?

Protesters declared a “Cop Free Zone” near where Seattle police boarded up and seemingly abandoned their East Precinct building Monday night, according to local reports — following days of demonstrations in response to the police-involved death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The surrounding area had seen more than a week of protests, with some of them growing violent.

On Monday, the Seattle Police Department sent a memo to officers noting that brass had decided to unblock the streets and allow demonstrators to march past the building on their way to Capitol Hill. — FoxNews

Here is some eyewitness reporting on what’s going on…

Notice, they’ve moved the protest INDOORS now, where Chinese Coronavirus transmission risks are much higher.

Now we will see whether our officials still truly care about COVID transmission risks or not.