HEY CNN: Leftist Rioters Trashed SEVENTY Coronavirus Testing Sites… Is That News?

Written by Wes Walker on June 10, 2020

Remember all those Leftist mantras about the dangers of Coronavirus, how testing was going to save the day, and that everything, EVERYTHING is Trump’s fault?

Let’s see what the ‘mainstream’ Left does with THIS little narrative-busting news item, shall we?

In a DailyBeast article in which they make sure to report that Trump hasn’t spoken to Fauci ‘in weeks’ (framing that as a bad thing) they tell us the following…

Speaking via conference call, a recording of which The Daily Beast obtained, Dr. Deborah Birx, Trump’s Coronavirus Response Coordinator, relayed fears that the yelling by protesters could potentially negate the health benefits of wearing a mask, and that the destruction of testing sites at those protests would set back efforts to contain the virus’ spread. Birx said that 70 such sites had been destroyed, which had already resulted in an appreciable dip in testing rates there. She advised governors to “scramble now to make sure there is testing available in urban areas.”

Vice President Mike Pence, who hosted the call, bluntly conceded that protest-related infection spikes were “an issue our team is following and there is a concern.”

Those remarks echoed similar fears raised by coronavirus task force officials, including CDC Director Robert Redfield, during a telephone call with governors last week, a recording of which The Daily Beast also obtained. In that June 3 call, Birx said while she, like Pence, did not see a big surge in coronavirus cases over Memorial Day weekend, she was concerned that large metro areas—ones already struggling to stabilize case numbers—would experience an uptick in cases because of the protests.

“This could result in a fight over the next two weeks,” she said. On the call five days later, Birx added her fears that as the protests had grown more peaceful, more people from higher-risk populations began attending them. For good measure, she told governors to also make sure that law enforcement officials who worked the protests without masks get tested as well, calling it “absolutely critical.” —DailyBeast

Seventy testing sites have been destroyed.

Stop for a second and think about the staggering implications of that.

Testing centers were by no means the focus of any mob outrage. These 70 testing sites were destroyed incidentally. What scale is the wave of destruction required to incidentally sweep up SEVENTY testing sites in its wake?

Remember how we were all lectures about the racist nature of Coronavirus? How it disproportionately impacted minorities? And now, in the name of BLM, we have seen seventy testing sites destroyed. Presumably in urban areas, where minority congregations tend to congregate the most… and be at the greatest risk of incidental transmission.

Will Pelosi come back and lecture us on Testing, Testing, Testing, Tracing, Tracing, Tracing again? Or was that just another disposable talking point useful to club Trump and the GOP over the head with only until she tired of it and moved on to exploit the very NEXT talking point?