Crime Wave: ‘Patriots’ In Seattle’s Insurgency Aren’t As Peaceful As They Think

Written by Wes Walker on June 12, 2020

There are two very different stories being told about those contested six blocks in Seattle. It’s either a block party or a dangerously lawless environment. Who’s telling the truth?

Listening to the likes of Seattle’s mayor on the networks, you might think this is a reenactment of 1969’s ‘Summer Of Love’. It’s just some peace-loving hippies who don’t mean anyone any harm. Or something like that.

Peaceful? Summer of Love?

Are you sure about that?

For such a ‘loving’ group, they aren’t particularly friendly… not even to the very group that voluntarily stood down and let them take over the place.

Someone there was accused of stealing a cellphone. Here’s how they handled that allegation. (Note: the cellphone wasn’t stolen, it was later found in another location)

Threatening an innocent accused guy that you’ll him with a bat? Sounds super-peaceful. Nope, not authoritarian at ALL…

Truly they are patriots on the side of angels.

And about the rapes and robberies?

We would point to them as early indicators of the failure of anarchy as a model of governance. They would shrug and ignore them. What other options are there? They want to abolish prison, don’t they? Unless they’re bringing back physical deterrents like public whipping or the stockade to replace them, it’s hard to imagine what deterrent they could offer to strong people preying on weak people.

…and who would enforce such rules?

…and what if they have to use force to make the unwilling comply?

Suddenly, we’re all right back where we started, aren’t we? Just like Orwell warned us we would be, had they bothered to read ‘Animal Farm’.