BLACK INCARCERATION: Denzel Takes The ‘System Rigged Against Us’ Peeps To TruthTown (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on June 12, 2020

Blaming a bad situation on ‘the system’ is an easy cop-out. In this clip, Denzel digs a little deeper. And the Left won’t like it.

Is there ‘injustice’ and ‘inequality’ in the system? Of course there is. We live in a broken world. Every one of us can point to some injustice we’ve suffered and whine that life isn’t fair.

But whining won’t MAKE it fair, will it? Denzel has a much more practical solution to this problem. He isn’t talking about pie-in-the-sky theory, either. He and his buddies were running the wrong direction when they were kids. His buddies wound up in the system, but Denzel went on to be internationally-famous and at the very peak of his profession.

There was one key difference between his life, and his buddies. Something that rescued his life from winding up shipwrecked.

During an interview from a couple of years back he says something that would set off the Leftist harpies to begin their ritual shrieking today. The good stuff starts at the 2:59 mark. He is asked a question and gives an answer that would leave most activists gobsmacked.

Here’s the thing. Even according to their own rules, there’s nothing they can do about it. This is HIS ‘lived experience’. Or to invoke another of their catchphrases, he is sharing ‘his truth’.

Thing is, it’s not merely ‘his truth’. It’s a solution that’s entirely backed up with experience and statistics.

Imagine that, masculinity really isn’t such a bad thing after all… is it?

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