Dear Christian: Your Fear Of Death Is Unbiblical

Written by Doug Giles on June 18, 2020

We’re surrounded by people so terrified of getting thrown off of social media that being unflinching in the face of death is unthinkable. And yet that is the Christian’s birthright.

That’s right, the reason the early Church could say — in public — the very things they knew would get them flogged, imprisoned and killed in gory and creative ways was this: they were not afraid of the Adios Snooze.

They followed someone who spoke of death as ‘sleep’ and had himself conquered the grave.

Echoing Jesus own words in scripture, the world down through the ages threatened Christians with ‘we’ll kill you’ and the Christian answered back, ‘yeah… and then what?’

On today’s Warriors and Wildmen Rich and Doug dig into what it means to have a Christian perspective on the big Dirt Nap, and how that right perspective changes everything.

Buckle up.


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