Election Interference: MAGA Meme Lord Latest Casualty In Tech Tyrants Push To Rig 2020

Written by Wes Walker on June 24, 2020

He’s the guy we affectionately refer to as Trump’s favorite Meme-maker. He’s still alive, but Twitter has axed his social media account.

But we are supposed to believe that the same Silicon Valley BigWigs who cheered a ‘Civil War’ that would force Blue State policies down the throats of Red State districts are merely impartial players. It is merely a coincidence that only conservative voices are getting punished in, or even shut out of, the social media public square.

We are free to share ideas, so long as we don’t share the ones they disapprove of, or do so where the people are actually meeting to exchange ideas.

Now, Carpe Donktum is now perma-banned from Twitter.

Should that surprise anyone? They’ve censored the President himself, in the most ludicrous way…

Crenshaw wasn’t buying it either.

Silicon Valley has also targeted The President’s social media people, on the flimsiest of pretenses… because Clinton Hacks from Media Matters demanded it.

TECH TYRANNY: Facebook Pulls Posts And Ads From Trump Team For ‘Organized Hate Violations’

They aren’t even pretending anymore. The are trying to influence the outcome of the election… suppressing voices they disagree with and amplifying the ones they like. To HELL with what the actual citizens might think… our Nouveau Aristocrats will make our decisions for us.

All in the name of Anti-authoritarianism, of course.


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This is all unfolding as the Democrat Operatives planned it would in a white paper…

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